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Russian Strike Kills Four in Eastern Ukrainian City of Slovyansk

WSJ World - 3hr

Ukrainian officials said the latest deadly attack is part of a new Russian strategy to terrorize Ukraine into submission.

Jens Stoltenberg Prepares to Confront Putin in Extra Year at NATO's Helm

WSJ World - 5hr

The former Norwegian prime minister passed up an exit opportunity and will spend at least another year guiding the alliance through unprecedented challenges.

Mines, Port Damage Threaten Revival of Sea Route for Ukraine Grain

WSJ World - 7hr

U.N.-sponsored talks are aimed at striking an agreement between Moscow and Kyiv to give shipments of Ukrainian grain safe passage—but it could still take weeks, or even months, to get traffic moving again.

Taliban Splits Emerge Over Religion, Power and Girls' Schools

WSJ World - 1d

The Taliban stayed cohesive as a fighting force during the 20-year insurgency. Now cracks are appearing on multiple fronts.

Xi Says Hong Kong's Loyalty to Beijing Will Ensure Prosperous Future

WSJ World - 1d

Chinese leader Xi Jinping urged Hong Kong to show more patriotic fervor and rally around his vision of a strong and unified China as he prepares to extend his rule.