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Jerry Hall Files for Divorce From Rupert Murdoch

WSJ USBusiness - 17hr

The model and actress filed for divorce on Friday, citing “irreconcilable differences” and seeking spousal support.

Exxon Says Quarterly Profit Could Hit $18 Billion

WSJ USBusiness - 19hr

Second-quarter profit was boosted by the highest prices for oil, gas and refined fuel products in years, as global supply trails demand.

Walmart, Target Show Divergence on Companies' Abortion Coverage

WSJ USBusiness - 20hr

Walmart doesn’t broadly cover abortions for employees. Target does. Other companies scramble to better understand what they cover.

Risky Borrowers Largely Dodged Bankruptcy This Year. Now the Easy Money Is Ending.

WSJ USBusiness - 20hr

U.S. corporate defaults and bankruptcies stayed muted in the first five months of this year but market volatility, rising interest rates and a potential economic slowdown are making investors nervous about low-rated debt.

Kohl's Scraps Talks for Sale to Franchise Group

WSJ USBusiness - 21hr

Kohl’s has called off its sale to Franchise Group amid rising interest rates and an uncertain retail environment.

GM Says Unfinished Cars to Hurt Quarterly Results

WSJ USBusiness - 21hr

General Motors said it couldn’t deliver nearly 100,000 vehicles in the second quarter because it lacked computer chips and other parts, underscoring the supply-chain troubles that continue to plague the car business.

U.S.-China Competition Zeroes In on Growth

WSJ USBusiness - 22hr

President Biden’s statement that U.S. gross domestic product might grow faster this year than China’s has struck a nerve in Beijing.

Cooling Demand for Goods Threatens to Turn Pandemic Boom Into Bust

WSJ USBusiness - 23hr

Surveys of manufacturers told a similar story whether the factory was in South Korea, Italy or the U.S.: Output is falling or is rising at a slower pace, driven by declines in new orders, and particularly those from overseas buyers.

Russia Takes Control of International LNG Project

WSJ USBusiness - 1d

The move is one of the most drastic responses by the Kremlin so far to the flight of Western companies from Russia in the wake of the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

McDonald's Dollar Drinks Fade in the Face of Inflation

WSJ USBusiness - 1d

Some McDonald’s locations are axing the chain’s U.S. deal offering soda and other cold beverages of any size for a buck as restaurant owners try to manage a record spate of inflation.

Eurozone Inflation Hits New High, Pressuring ECB

WSJ USBusiness - 1d

Consumer prices were 8.6% higher than a year earlier, the highest since records began, adding pressure on policy makers to raise their key rate more aggressively.

Health-Insurance Providers Begin Publishing Prices for Medical Care

WSJ USBusiness - 1d

Insurers and employers began publicly posting the prices they pay for healthcare services ranging from doctor visits to lab tests, hugely expanding a federally mandated effort to unveil the long-secret rates.

How America's Summer Vacation Came Back Stronger Than Ever

WSJ USBusiness - 1d

Data show Juneteenth and workcations encourage more frequent and longer family getaways, even as business travel remains depressed.

The iPhone's Creators Reveal the Consequences They Never Expected

WSJ USBusiness - 1d

Not even Apple’s own execs—with front-row seats for the development of the iPhone’s key features—quite knew how they would change the world.

Musk Takes Unusually Long Twitter Break

WSJ USBusiness - 1d

The billionaire is trying complete a planned $44 billion deal to buy the social-media platform.

Cooling Consumer Spending Points to Further Economic Slowdown

WSJ USBusiness - 1d

Household spending in May rose at the slowest rate this year. Some economists see a second straight quarterly contraction.