The purpose of this section is to give you an idea of what's happening on the market today by giving you commonly or not very commonly used market gauges, listing most important world events scheduled for today and giving you access to news feeds from the best news providers.

If you are just started to invest and would like to get a bit more detailed info about certain market term or methods used, Stock Market Theory section will give you basic information required.

If you have a question about specific definition or algorithm, have a suggestion or want to add a new item in this section, please, let us know.

Market Gauges

Stock Market Gauges: Major Indexes

Market Gauges

The most regularly quoted market indices are often used as a Market Gauge. In stock2own we love to have more than just one view at the same thing. Therefore we are adding not so commonly used indicators of the market health. And the idea of using them is simple: if you see all indicators agree with each other – perfect; otherwise be alerted. Check it now! »

Market Calendar & News

Stock Market: Market Calendar

Economic Calendar

Economic calendar is provided by and lists major economic events and scheduled releases of economic indicators all around the globe. If you track unemployment rates, bond rates, and crude oil inventory or want to listen most recent Fed Chairman's speech, you are going to love it! Check it now »
Market News

Market News

Stock2own gives you a news aggregator – one page where you can read all current news from leading news providers such as MarketWatch and Reuters. You can also find here blog feeds, so you should not worry about missing a new post from your favorite author. Read now »

Books & Theory

Stock Market: Books about investing


Books we can recommend about investing, value investing, fundamental and technical analysis. Check it now »
Market Theory


In this section we'll try to collect all used terminology, put together definitions you can find on, add articles about economics and economic theory. Read now »