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1. CA VANSE A stock Armor Minerals Inc. [A]
2. CA VANSE AAA stock Allana Potash Corp.
3. CA TORONTO AAB stock Aberdeen International Inc.
4. CA VANSE AAC stock Arak Resources Ltd.
5. CA VANSE AAD stock Added Capital Inc.
6. CA VANSE AAL stock Advantage Lithium Corp.
7. CA VANSE AAN stock Aton Resources Inc.
8. CA VANSE AAO stock Augusta Industries Inc.
9. CA VANSE AAP stock Alpha Peak Leisure Inc.
10. CA AAP.P stock Alpha Peak Leisure Inc. [AAP.P]
11. CA VANSE AAPL stock Apple Inc.
12. CA AAQ.P stock null [AAQ.P]
13. CA VANSE AAR.UN stock Pure Industrial Real Estate Trust
14. CA VANSE AAT stock ATI Airtest Technologies Inc.
15. CA VANSE AAU stock Angold Resources Ltd.
16. CA TORONTO AAV stock Advantage Oil & Gas Ltd.
17. CA VANSE AAX stock Advance Gold Corp.
18. CA VANSE AAZ stock Azincourt Uranium Inc.
19. CA VANSE AB.H stock Asbestos Corporation Limited
20. CA TORONTO ABC stock Asia Bio-Chem Group Corp
21. CA VANSE ABCN stock VIVO Cannabis Inc.
22. CA VANSE ABE stock ABE Resources Inc.
23. CA VANSE ABI stock Abcourt Mines Inc.
24. CA TORONTO ABK.A stock Allbanc Split Corp.
25. CA VANSE ABM stock Athabasca Minerals Inc.
26. CA VANSE ABN stock Aben Resources Ltd.
27. CA VANSE ABR stock Ashburton Ventures Inc.
28. CA TORONTO ABT stock Absolute Software Corporation
29. CA VANSE ABU stock Abenteuer Resources Corp.
30. CA TORONTO ABX stock Barrick Gold Corporation
31. CA VANSE ABZ stock AsiaBaseMetals Inc.
32. CA TORONTO AC stock Air Canada [AC]
34. CA TORONTO AC-B stock Air Canada
35. CA TORONTO ACB stock Aurora Cannabis Inc.
36. CA TORONTO ACD stock Accord Financial Corp.
37. CA VANSE ACE.H stock Ace Aviation Holdings Inc.
38. CA ACG stock null [ACG]
39. CA VANSE ACH stock Arch Biopartners Inc.
40. CA VANSE ACI stock Arch Coal Inc
41. CA VANSE ACK stock Active Growth Capital Inc.
42. CA VANSE ACL stock ACL International Ltd.
43. CA VANSE ACM.A stock Astral Media Inc.
44. CA TORONTO ACO-X stock ATCO Ltd. [ACO-X]
45. CA TORONTO ACO.X stock Atco Ltd.
46. CA TORONTO ACO.Y stock Atco Ltd
47. CA VANSE ACP stock ArcPacific Resources Corp.
48. CA TORONTO ACQ stock AutoCanada Inc.
49. CA VANSE ACS stock Archon Minerals Limited
50. CA VANSE ACST stock Acasti Pharma Inc.
51. CA ACT stock null [ACT]
52. CA VANSE ACU stock Aurora Solar Technologies Inc.
53. CA ACX stock null [ACX]
54. CA TORONTO ACZ.UN stock American Core Sectors Dividend Fund
55. CA TORONTO AD stock Alaris Royalty Corp.
56. CA ADA stock null [ADA]
57. CA ADB stock null [ADB]
58. CA TORONTO ADC.UN stock First Asset Canadian Convertibles Fund
59. CA VANSE ADD stock Arctic Star Exploration Corp.
60. CA VANSE ADE stock Adex Mining Inc.
61. CA VANSE ADG stock Arcus Development Group Inc.
62. CA VANSE ADI stock Adriana Resources Inc.
63. CA VANSE ADK stock Diagnos Inc.
64. CA VANSE ADL stock Adira Energy Ltd.
65. CA ADM stock null [ADM]
66. CA TORONTO ADN stock Acadian Timber Corp.
67. CA VANSE ADR.H stock Arcland Resources Inc.
68. CA ADT stock null [ADT]
69. CA TORONTO ADV stock Alderon Iron Ore Corp.
70. CA TORONTO ADW-A stock Andrew Peller Limited
71. CA TORONTO ADW-B stock Andrew Peller Limited [ADW-B]
72. CA TORONTO ADW.A stock Andrew Peller Limited/Andrew Peller Limitee
73. CA ADX stock null [ADX]
74. CA VANSE ADZ stock Adamera Minerals Corp.
75. CA AE-A stock null [AE-A]
76. CA VANSE AE.A stock Anterra Energy Inc.
77. CA VANSE AEC stock Anfield Energy Inc.
78. CA AEE stock null [AEE]
79. CA VANSE AEF stock Aurora Oil & Gas Ltd
80. CA TORONTO AEF.A stock Acasta Enterprises Inc. [AEF.A]
81. CA AEI stock null [AEI]
82. CA AEL stock null [AEL]
83. CA TORONTO AEM stock Agnico Eagle Mines Limited
84. CA VANSE AEN stock Antrim Energy Inc.
85. CA AER stock null [AER]
86. CA VANSE AET.UN stock Argent Energy Trust
87. CA VANSE AEU.UN etp ACTIVEnergy Income Fund
88. CA TORONTO AEZ stock AEterna Zentaris Inc.
89. CA TORONTO AF stock AlarmForce Industries Inc.
90. CA AFA stock null [AFA]
91. CA VANSE AFE stock Africa Energy Corp. [AFE]
92. CA AFG stock null [AFG]
93. CA VANSE AFM stock Alphamin Resources Corp.
94. CA TORONTO AFN stock AG Growth International Inc.
95. CA VANSE AFR stock African Metals Corporation
96. CA AFS.H stock null [AFS.H]
97. CA TORONTO AG.UN stock Arctic Glacier Income Fund
98. CA VANSE AGB stock Atlantic Gold Corporation
99. CA TORONTO AGB.UN stock Aston Hill Global Agribusiness Fund
100. CA VANSE AGC stock Amarillo Gold Corporation

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