-0.11 -0.5%

as of Feb 06 '23

52 Week Range:

19.71 24.62

Market Condition

Instrument is in a bear stage

Latest index price 21.64 is above long term (200 days) moving average (MA200 is 21.44). 50 day moving average is 21.42 and below 200 days moving average.

18K 36K Volume is about or below average

Volume is a gauge of how powerful the buyers or sellers are.

44.08 50 Relative Strength Index (RSI) is 44.08.

Current value is below 50 levels, which means that instrument's recent performance is relatively poor.

The stock charts below are:

Price Chart
Stock Price Chart includes daily price chart. In interactive mode it shows prices as a Candlestick chart. Read more 
Moving Averages
Stock Price Chart includes 30, 50, 150 and 200 day moving averages as well as volume and average volume bar charts. Read more »
The idea behind this indicator is the prices tend to close near their past highs in bull markets, and near their lows in bear markets. Read more »
Relative Strength Index (RSI) intended to chart the current and historical strength or weakness of an instrument. Read more »
Moving Average Convergence / Divergence (MACD) is a trend following indicator, and is designed to identify trend changes. Read more »

One Year Statistics

Beta: 0.9114

Beta of 0.9114 suggests that the asset is volatile as the rest of the market (fairly priced).

The beta is a measure of a stock's price volatility in relation to the rest of the market. Beta measurements utilize benchmark indexes, such as the S&P 500 for a US market.

Alpha: 0.0003

Alpha of 0.0003 suggests that the asset's performance is better than the rest of the market.

Alpha is a measure of the active return on an investment, the performance of that investment compared with a suitable market index. In general, a greater than 0 ratio means that instrument performs better than the market.

Sharpe Ratio: -1.6639

Sharpe Ratio of -1.6639 suggests that asset's reward/risk ratio is relatively low.

The Sharpe Ratio characterizes how well the return of an asset compensates the investor for the risk taken. In general, a ratio of 1 or greater is considered good; 2 or better is very good; and 3 or better is considered excellent.

Last Year Returns & Risk / Reward Ratios

1 year6 month1 month
Total Return -11.87% -2.61% 0.87%
Average Daily Return -0.05% -0.02% 0.06%
Average Daily Volatility ± 0.65% ± 0.67% ± 0.52%
Risk / Reward Ratios
Beta (Volatility) 0.9114 0.9114 1.0089
Alpha (Surplus) 0.000283 0.000283 0.000880
Sharpe Ratio (Risk-Reward) -1.663907 -0.910759 1.131251