IMPORTANT NOTE: Be aware that may not have complete list of sector/industry stocks and therefore this analysis may be inconclusive. Please, use it at your own risk and as a reference only, confirm stock2own data with other sources. Quotes delayed, except where indicated otherwise.
Market Screener currently available only for the US market.

Market Screener is designed to give invstor a simple market overview. It is still under development and you may expect to see changes on regular basis.

Select specific screener in the left side menu. Market screeners designed to help you quickly identify advanced / declined areas of the market or find prospective stocks for a specific account type or strategy.

Top views show relative performance of major Index and Sector ETFs. Many investors consider sector ETFs good candidates to track market sentiment and identify sector rotations.

It is also clear that Mr. Market's mood heavily depends on the direction of price movements of most influential stocks. Isn't it interesting to find out which stocks are traded the most and which ones are actually attracting the most money? Surprisingly, those two groups are not necessarily the same list of stocks, but both of them can be considered most influential. To learn which stocks made the list today, check out "Most Active" screeners.

For example, if you have startegy to trade earnings, there is an Earnings Screener available. It shows high profile stocks (high volume, price is above $50) that are scheduled to report earnings in the next two weeks. Usually, it is enough time to set up the trade. The Earnings Screener can also be used to set an expectation for the market behaviour - usually the large number of earnings reports mean heavier volatility on the market and also can define short term market trend.

Another good example is stocks that are overbought or oversold. Those stocks usually are good candidates for mean reversion strategies.