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Market Top?
posted May 20 '10 by gordjohn
Okay, I know everyone is gonna laugh at me for calling a market top, but look at the charts for the Dow and the S&P. Both have broken down through the 30-week (150-day) moving average.
If it's no...

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Terminology, the logic, etc.
posted May 19 '10 by joseph
When I first started reading about this stuff (Rule #1) and investing, I would stumble upon terms which were not familiar to me. Although I don't recall these covered in the Rule #1 book, people u...

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setting the tools properly ?
posted May 18 '10 by shie
hi guys, i'm using the TOS platform for my chart needs. i'm trying to apply the r#1 tools (macd, stoc, ma), but have a question about the period of time to look at. i'll take DECK for the purpose o...

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401k strategies?
posted Mar 13 '10 by joseph
While I seem to do very well in my personal brokerage account, and my Roth IRA, I still have a major 401k portolio. Until I switch jobs and can roll that into my own IRA, I'm stuck with mutual fun...

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Buying and holding (a little bit)
posted Oct 02 '09 by newatthis
Thinking of a strategy here...
Buy when the tools say "buy".
Sell when the stock hits a certain percentage (maybe 2 or 3%) to avoid a sudden turn around.
Or sell when the tools say &qu...

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posted Jul 29 '09 by lm5585sysmatrix
Just for fun, I decided to try and build my own Excel calculator and I'm using this site to compare my results. So far so good except for 1 real issue.......Where does this site get it's 10 year g...

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Just a thought - twist on Rule #1
posted Mar 20 '09 by jessica6
Over the past 3 weeks I've been using a technique which seems to be working pretty well, so I thought I'd see what others have to say. Basically, I find companies that pass the Rule #1 criteria-- ...

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TI Alerts
posted Feb 21 '09 by martelm
Alex or anyone,
Can you talk a little about the TI Alerts or point me to an article on how they work? I read somewhere (can't find it now) that they lag two days behind. I have been doing some p...

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Are you beating the market?
posted Aug 28 '08 by clete
If you are using this system, whether with real money or on paper, and are beating the S&P 500, I'd like to hear from you.
I've been paper trading since 4-17-08 and I've done nothing but market pe...

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Knowing when to sell
posted Jul 23 '08 by slochild
I'm sorry for asking such a basic question. But, I've read it over and again yet still don't seem to understand. Knowing when to buy is very clear. However, knowing when to sell is not.
I know tha...

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What is your MACD set on? (for TD)
posted Feb 13 '08 by bboarder4
What is the smoothing, fast, slow settings on your MACD? It's different from MSN.
Also your stochastics?

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Taking a SPLIT into account...
posted Jan 30 '08 by bboarder4
How do you guys take a split into account? When coming up with the MOS do you figure out the price as is...or as was....?

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