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Weinstein's stop-loss strategy needs to be updated.
posted Feb 18 '11 by evan
I have a pressing question for all you fellow Weinstein-ites:
Weinstein's book was written in the 80s, when stocks were valued in increments of 1/8 of a dollar instead of in decimals like today. ...

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moving averages
posted Feb 17 '11 by uhbrent
which ones do you rely on most to help you make decisions about buying and selling. Phil mentions the 10 day in his first book and the 50 day in his second book. What are your thoughts on these two...

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Institution /Hedge fiunds info
posted Feb 14 '11 by copperdude
Where I can get information on when are institution buying stock that I am watching?

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Recommendation on free charting software
posted Jan 19 '11 by michealtan1982
Hi all,
Recently I have attended ChartNexus Technical Analysis course. I find the course is very useful and equipped me with useful TA knowledge that I can apply in the market. There is free downl...

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So true!
posted Nov 30 '10 by joseph
This says it all.


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Tough to be a bear!
posted Oct 10 '10 by clete
This market is really making it hard to be a bear. It seems virtually everyone is a bull!
That usually means a correction is near but the Fed keeps pumping money into the stock market (indirectly ...

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posted Sep 23 '10 by clete
ERY is ever so close to giving a buy signal on all three of the R#1 technical indicators, and more importantly $RIENG, the index that ERY follows the inverse of is right on the verge of giving 3 se...

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Breakout watch
posted Sep 13 '10 by gordjohn
CTSH looks like it's breaking out now
Also watching BIDU, LULU, AAPL - all are approaching resistance and might break out
If GOOG breaks over it's 150-day MA then I'll probably go long.
GLD boun...

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GLD looking toppy.
posted Aug 23 '10 by clete
It might be time to tighten up stops on any existing positions in GLD.
It's been on a pretty good run since it touched its 150 day moving average and it may very well keep on going but 7 of the la...

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Why I'm Still A Bear
posted Aug 08 '10 by clete
I like to get on here and shoot my mouth off about the market quite a bit. Sometime I call it right and sometimes I don't. Of course I don't necessarily come up with all this stuff entirely on my o...

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Clete - question about Stan's method
posted Jul 12 '10 by shie
hi Clete,
being the advocate of Stan's method and book, i'd like to ask you if you've been applying it successfully yourself? i read the book, and liked it a lot, and few days ago i was "surp...

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Short Ideas - IRE
posted May 20 '10 by gordjohn
Not sure how a bank, which can borrow money at next to nothing and lend it out at 5% can be doing poorly in this environment, but here is the Bank of Ireland.

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