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Shorting CORN
posted Jul 19 '12 by clete
If I can figure out how to do it without buying a put option I'd like to short the CORN etf tomorrow morning.
There are a few reasons why...
First of all, everyone is freaking out about the &quot...

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Doing a Little Buying Here
posted Jun 07 '12 by clete
I went ahead and bought a little UPRO on this bounce of the S&P500 today.
I also bought a little AGQ as well. Silver broke above the little shelf of resistance and confirmed a new higher low. That...

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Anyone Buying Silver Here?
posted May 17 '12 by clete
Silver has come down to some nice support and put in a hefty bounce today (over 3% !).
Anyone brave enough to buy here?
I'm considering it but I have to admit that I'm a little jittery about it. ...

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No More Options!
posted May 10 '12 by clete
I've probably said something similar to this in the past not really meaning it but just blowing off steam but this time I think its different. I'm starting a whole new thread for no other reason th...

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Buying Some UGA
posted May 08 '12 by clete
Gasoline has come down to its long term moving averages and this down turn has stopped right on the 50% retracement line between its one year high and 1 year low, which happens to also be the 150 d...

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27 april, apple almost sell?? :D
posted Apr 29 '12 by travaglio
how is it possible that apple has a TI alert of almost sell on 27th April?? According to the technical settings of P.T. , but that's good sense as well, it's totally an almost buy ... how are thos...

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Going short!
posted Jan 11 '12 by clete
I intend to purchase some FAZ in the morning (Thursday the 12th).
I'm thinking probably some at the money April calls.
It'll be a short term play for a few days or a week maybe.
Basically, I'm t...

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This guy is bullish on silver.
posted Nov 16 '11 by beastofbodmin
It's been very quiet here for a while. Are you all camping out at your local OWS protest?
Has anyone heard anything more bullish?


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Mega Rally Continues Until This Point
posted Oct 24 '11 by inthemoneystocks
The markets are continuing to surge higher today. The SPDR S&P 500 ETF (AMEX:SPY) is trading at $125.39, +1.42 (+1.15%). Optimism continues to grow stronger for a major bailout plan in Europe. In a...

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Rule 1 Options Strategy
posted Aug 10 '11 by newmansk
Hey Guys,
Big fan of Rule #1 trading but not as much as trading options. Why not incorporate the 2. If there are any like minded Rule #1 option type investors out there please feel free to c...

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JPMorgan Chase Gaps Then Craps
posted Apr 13 '11 by inthemoneystocks
JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE:JPM) opened nicely higher this morning after reporting earnings that beat expectations. While the earnings were solid, the stock could not hold the gains and has fallen s...

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Sector and Industry plots for Stages
posted Feb 27 '11 by pawanagrawal
I have a question:How do I view what stage a Sector and an Industry within that sector is? Please note - I want to see a plot of the entire sector and different industries within that sector for t...

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