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For technical indicators for a sell signal is it "two red" arrows or
posted Feb 04 '14 by jdrizzo
For technical indicators for a sell signal is it "two red" arrows or three for a sell signal. Phil town has mentioned he uses two for a sell If stock is still going down.

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A short but detailed summary of Phil Town's Rule #1 methodology in
posted Nov 25 '13 by alex
A short but detailed summary of Phil Town's Rule #1 methodology in the American Association of Individual Investors by Wayne A. Thorp, CFA:


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Weinstein Breakout on AAPL -
posted Aug 13 '13 by harkant
Weinstein Breakout on AAPL -

Thanks to our friend Carl Icahn's comments, AAPL is surging above the 200 day MA line on huge volume.

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Financial Stocks Tell You Everything
posted Jun 26 '13 by inthemoneystocks
Financial Stocks Tell You Everything

This morning, many of the leading financial stocks are fading from their gap higher open. Some of the leading financial stocks that every trader should follo...

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All Eyes Should Be On Big Energy
posted May 23 '13 by inthemoneystocks
All Eyes Should Be On Big Energy

The important energy sector accounts for roughly 16.0 percent of the S&P 500 Index. Today, most of the leading energy stocks are declining lower at the start o...

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Mike Swanson Doing Some More Buying.
posted Oct 16 '12 by clete
This post might sound a bit cinical but what can I say, I call it as I see it. Perhaps you'll disagree with me, perhaps not. Either way, take the post for what its worth...
I got an email from Mik...

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Joseph Piotroski
posted Sep 28 '12 by alex
A friend of mine sent me this link and I want to share it with all stock2own community. This is a very detailed work with a lot of statistic. It is all about fundamental analysis and its practical ...

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Nazdaq Double Top???
posted Aug 31 '12 by clete
I noticed the Nazdaq found resistance at the 2800 level again this week. No sell signal yet but anyone with positions like AAPL or GOOG or anything else in the Nazdaq should just keep an eye out fo...

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Gold and Silver
posted Aug 22 '12 by clete
Since gold and silver both seem to be finally making a real move and since I, and hopefuly a lot of you, have new positions in these metals, I figured I would make a new thread where I can just dum...

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Shorting the SPX
posted Aug 14 '12 by clete
Well, not quite yet, actually. But I'm close to pulling the trigger on a short term short trade on the SPX.
The down trend line that connects the all time high with the April 2nd high is what is a...

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Nat Gas Buy???
posted Aug 13 '12 by clete
The chart for natural gas looks pretty interesting.
I don't really think that natural gas is going to start a new long term up trend. In fact, long term I expect just more of the same multi-year s...

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New Long Silver Position (USLV)
posted Jul 30 '12 by clete
Today was the first day since March the 13th that silver closed above its 50 day moving average. That was enough to convince me to step back into silver.
Now, I know this is a bit agressive. I mea...

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