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Why do most of the people want to become traders
posted Dec 01 '17 by adamsmiths
Why do most of the people want to become traders

There are many reasons why people want to become traders. Actually, unlike other jobs and professions, the profession of a trader is different and full of freedom. You do not have to work according to schedule or you do not have to adhere to the rules. You do not have to listen to boss's words because you are your boss. You don't even have to go to the office to work because you can trade from anywhere you are. You will be similar to a successful businessman. There are many Singaporean traders who are enjoying the freedom of trading. The main reason why they started trading is that because it gives the freedom to take your own decision. You do not have to wait until the boss commands or you do not have to take permission to get a vacation. You don't even have to inform anyone about the holidays you take because it is as per your needs.

If you want to take a holiday you can simply take it there are no procedures. If you find out the ways how the successful traders achieve their dreams you will be able to walk in their path to achieve the success. Let us read the article to learn more.

Becoming rich should not be the aim
If your aim is to become rich sooner it is better to leave the market without trading it. Whoever made you think that Forex is the right options to earn sooner has fooled you really well. You should not enter the Forex market with the intention of becoming rich sooner so bear in mind to have pure intention. In Forex trading ( https :// www.home.saxo/en-sg/products/forex ) you should learn the strategies, techniques, methods, and ways to trade without doing all these you will not be able to become successful in the market. You can become successful in the market easily by following the methods of a successful trader in the market. You should make sure to learn more about trading because through learning you will be able to become rich but of course, it will take time. You can never become rich within a day or two it will take the time and you should work hard for it. You may fail at the first attempts but you should not give up. You should try until you make it happen.

Success with the predetermined plan
Most of the people enter the market because they know that the success can be achieved with the predetermined plan. You should know that the market is uncertain so by having a proper trading plan you will be able to reduce the risks faced. If you are predetermined about the trading methods and strategies you can become successful. It might take some time to learn the market condition perfectly but still, you will be able to understand it with the time.

Can you become successful by controlling the mind
If you can control the mindset you will be able to become successful. Most of the traders enter the market with the confidence of controlling the mind. If you can gain complete control over your emotion then you can easily make a profit in this industry. You never have to worry about your losing trades since you will understand that losing is nothing but a natural process which you will have to encounter in your trading career.

Trading is something which can offer your financial freedom within the shortest possible time. But this doesn’t mean everyone will become a successful trader. Think about the doctors and engineers. Every single one of them spends more than 4 years in the university to earn their educational degree. Similarly, when it comes to Forex trading you need to spend some quality times in learning all the details of this industry. The more you will learn the better chance you will have to become a successful trader.

Each year I pick one stock to invest in that fits Phil's criteria and
posted Dec 06 '17 by jakey27
Each year I pick one stock to invest in that fits Phil's criteria and had a large MOS. Both NFLX and AMZN seem to have a large moat. Which one would you pick for 2018 and why?

One stock to invest in 2018
posted Dec 15 '17 by alex
One stock to invest in 2018

I think both companies are strong, but Amazon's growth rates are so much better. I would vote for AMZN - I think they have "greater" power in so many areas: retail sales, brick and mortar stores (Whole Foods and Amazon stores), cloud computing, drones, AI...

How about AAPL and GOOGL? Tesla? I mean, they all great companies with fantastic businesses. And all of them look quite expensive these days. Should we try to find an undervalued stock with a great potential? What do you think about less tech but still a good company, like Macy's (US:M)?

Thank you! I was leaning toward AMZN, especially with this new
posted Dec 18 '17 by jakey27
Thank you! I was leaning toward AMZN, especially with this new Fox/Disney deal and the uncertainty of the role of content providers like NFLX with the net neutrality laws being reversed. You mentioned Macy's---when I plug it into the SA it doesn't look remotely close to being undervalued. Am I missing something or are you just saying they're a solid company?

Macys potential
posted Dec 20 '17 by alex
Macys potential

Jakey, I agree with you, financial numbers for Macy’s are not exactly beautiful and both growth ratios rated F, which is the worst possible. However, there are several things that kind of encouraging.

First of all, equity started to grow a bit last year. I think this is a good sign, because Macy’s owns many brick and mortar stores and they are the rear retailer who seems to be able to withstand Amazon’s competition.

Free Cash Flow per share grew 18.95% last year. Which makes me believe that they are doing a great job managing the company’s operations. This year, so far, they reported pretty good sales, which makes me believe that their marketing strategy is working for them well.

So, there is some growth potential, I think.

PEG ratio of .59 suggests that stock is underpriced (when PEG is equals to 1, the stock is considered to be fairly priced; when it is above 1 – overpriced; below 1 – underpriced). The same is true with PEGY (PEGY is PEG which takes into consideration dividends) which is only .49 for Macy’s.

Book Value per Share or rather Price to BVPS is 2.03. It is reasonably low. Of course, the true bargain would be when this ratio is below 1, but even 2 is relatively low for this market (for GOOGL it is 5.53, FB – 9.51).

Macy's keeps paying dividend, which is currently about 6%.

Keeping in mind that stock market was in a bull stage for last 7-8 years and many stocks with solid financials and high growth rates have really high PE ratio now (GOOGL – 35, FB – 34.49, …), it is really difficult to find undervalued stock with low PE ratio and growth potential.

Of course, there are plenty of issues in the Macy’s financial statements and low growth rates underscore that. At the same time, I think a lot of fundamental analysis is already included into price valuation - the stock price is really low. Therefore, I think Macy’s is an interesting stock to look at for 2018. Especially, when I think about stocks for my IRA account.

I suppose forex trading provides some kind of freedom for most
posted May 30 '18 by jeff_stock
I suppose forex trading provides some kind of freedom for most people, it’s associated with the combination of fortune (and risk of course) and adventures. Many people think that trading is something that lasts minutes and gives millions. But real traders know how many hours they have spent on learning how to trade successfully ( https:// royalcapitalpro.com / en / forex-trading-strategies-2 ), sharping trading skills and market analysis. Fresh traders come with huge enthusiasm that ends after the first money loss.

The risk to lose everything doesn’t stop the crowd of new traders, because none of them really understands the risks of trading on financial markets. In modern society forex trading is still associated with fast money and adventure, but nobody thinks about the risk and losses.

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