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Mike Swanson Doing Some More Buying.
posted Oct 16 '12 by clete
This post might sound a bit cinical but what can I say, I call it as I see it. Perhaps you'll disagree with me, perhaps not. Either way, take the post for what its worth...
I got an email from Mike Swanson this morning saying that he was "just took two new investment positions in two ETF's today".
and he gave this link....

To the notion that he bought this stuff THIS morning (i.e. the morning of the 16th of Oct), I say...
Like Hell!
Look at the volume for YESTERDAY on GREK and tell me that Mike (and probably everyone of his paying members) didn't buy yesterday!
Not that its that big of a deal. I mean, if I was paying for his advice I'd want to get the info first too, but why not just say that when he sends out these emails? Is "I bought this stuff yesterday." so much harder to type than "I bought this stuff this morning."?
This sort of fudging of the facts really irritates the crap out of me but my irritation not withstanding, Mike does know what he's doing and I can't disagree with his timing on these purchases. The thought of buying more GREK actually crossed my mind when I saw yesterday's big spike but I think I'd rather hold off and buy more USLV or UGLD when this support level is better confirmed.
P.S. After reading the web page that the email links too more closely it seems that he only claims to have bought EWP and EWI this morning. That much I can believe. Maybe I am a little more cinical than I should be.

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