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Nazdaq Double Top???
posted Aug 31 '12 by clete
I noticed the Nazdaq found resistance at the 2800 level again this week. No sell signal yet but anyone with positions like AAPL or GOOG or anything else in the Nazdaq should just keep an eye out for a possible double top forming here. That goes for the whole market really but the Nazdaq really stood out to me.

Isn't it spelled NASDAQ?
posted Sep 04 '12 by kadius
Perhaps what you see is a precursor to something Phil Town recently posted on this blog called "Risk On" (
philtown.typepad.com/phil_towns_blog/2012/08/risk-is-on-so-its-time-to-bail.html). Basically, he's seeing a potential crash in the market based on what he sees as a general slowing down on everything in the macro view of the market.

Re: Spelling
posted Sep 04 '12 by clete
Umm, yes, it's spelled "NASDAQ".

And yes indeed, I would definately say that risk is on - no boubt!
At least when it comes to the over all market, anyway.
Now as for gold and silver, quite the opposite. I agree with Mike Swanson on the metals. We are likely at the very beginning of a multi-year bull run on both gold and silver. I also agree that the mining sector will do well over the next few years as well but because of the lack luster performance of the over all stock market, I believe that while the mining sector will strongly out perform the S&P 500, it will lag behind the metals themselves.
I find myself actually hoping for a pull back so that I can stock pile my etfs.

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