S2O Stock Analyzer Tutorials: General Info

type: video (mp4); length: 3:30; watch on YouTube.

Demonstrates how to use Stock Analyzer, shows how to analyze a stock and explains in detail "General Info" section of the Stock Analyzer result page.


There is so much to discuss, therefore it is going to be several short videos about different sections. In this one I'll show some basic features and ideas.

Just as a reminder, Stock Analyzer is accessible to you on any page in any mode - to call it just click on the "SA" button in the main menu.

If you know the stock you want to analyze, simply select the country, type the stock symbol and click "enter" or the button GO. If you do not know what symbol or ticker it is, no worries, start typing the company name and stock2own will show you a list of matched stocks in a drop down list. When you see the company you are looking for, select it from the list and click GO. If you are having difficulties to find the stock you are interested in, you can always use the "Stock Lookup" feature which is available in the main menu.

Let's use Apple as an example and see how the results for it look like: I'm typing the symbol for Apple Inc., which is AAPL, clicking GO and here are the results.

The Header of the page

In the header you can see the company name, exchange and, if you are registered stock2own user, a button called "Add to Watch List". The rest of the page is divided into two sections: the left one shows you all the major details about the stock. They are grouped in several sections. For instance, section "general" provides basic information about exchange stock is trading on; the sector and industry it belongs to; market capitalization and scheduled date of the next earnings release. Section "Fin Statements" highlights major financial metrics such as Earnings per Share, Current PE, Book Value Per Share (BVPS) and so on.

Section headers also give you ability to change the content of the right part of the page, which contains detailed info for each section. But before we start clicking on them, please note that there is some content loaded in the details area.

Details Area

You can change the default info shown on the page by adjusting your personal settings. Only if you are a registered stock2own user, of course. If you are not logged in or if you did not change your settings, the "Price Chart" section is loaded. For the sake of this example, I'm going to start my analysis with the general info. So I'm going to change it in "My Settings" page by going to the "Stock Analyzer" part of the page and changing the value for the "Open section in stock analyzer" to "General Info". Don't forget to click "Save".

Now I'm going to click "SA" and type AAPL again. It looks exactly as I like it.

Let's see what we have in the details section for General Info:

  • most recent price with price change info and a 52 week price change - it is shown for every section
  • general info includes exchange stock is trading on; sector and industry it belongs to; market capitalization; institutional ownership and scheduled date of the next earnings release
  • business summary, which describes business activity and usually contains information about most recent development and acquisitions

I can also see two columns of links:

The right one will point you to external web sites with information about

  • recent news
  • list of officers and directors of the business
  • Security Filings will give the list of all filed forms, including quarterly and annual statements
  • Insider Trading is extremely useful if you are monitoring trades scheduled and executed by corporate insiders or major shareholders of the company
  • Headlines are pointed to a "seeking alpha" web site and will show you all recent articles about this symbol. Seeking Alpha is a great source of information and many investors find it extremely useful.

The left column lists you links to the stock profile pages on the popular financial web sites like MSN, Reuters, Morningstar and so on.

Other sections we will discuss in the next videos.