S2O Tutorials: Basic Features

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Explains basic features of the stock2own.com web site. Design released in 2013 is mobile friendly, more customizable and... quite different. In this video you can also learn how to use Stock Analyzer and Stock Lookup.


In this short introductory video let's talk about the overall design and some basic features available on stock2own.com.

General Info

Please note, stock2own heavily uses java script and if you disable it or your browser does not support java script, certain functionality may not be available for you.

Let's start with the main menu. It provides access to all functions and is available at the top of the screen on any page, even if the page is long and you scroll all the way down. There are several short cut buttons available for you in any mode: SA, Sign In and Join Now:

  • Join Now is pointed to the new user registration page;
  • Sign In allows you to sign in to your stock2own account at any time from any page;
  • SA will open a Stock Analyzer popup. Let's talk about it a bit more.
Stock Analyzer

Stock Analyzer is a core service for stock2own and it is always under your finger tips, no matter what page you are on - just click the "SA" button in the main menu and you are one click away from the results of an analysis.

If you know the stock you want to analyze, simply select the country, type the stock symbol and click "enter" or the "GO" button. If you do not know what the symbol or ticker is for the company you want to analyze, no worries, start typing the company name and stock2own will show you a list of matched stocks in a drop down list. When you see the company you are looking for, select it from the list and click GO.

For example, if I wanted to analyze Microsoft but I forgot the symbol for the company, I would just need to start typing the company name and... Got it!

Stock Lookup

Now let's see what would happen the company I'm looking for. For instance, I'll try to type "walmart". I didn't receive any suggestions, but I still want to find it. When I click "GO", stock2own will automatically redirect me to a "Stock Lookup" page (which is also available via main menu - Stock Analysis / Stock Lookup). I could not find the Wall-Mart stock by simply writing "wallmart", therefore I need to redefine my search. First, I want to limit it bythe type and the country of trade. Second, I can try to search by one word, such as just "mart". The results are quite long, but I can finally see a WallMart stock! Click on it & now I see the results of the analysis!

Registration & Sign In

Some valuable services are user specific and therefor available to registered users only. Registration will take only a minute, it is FREE of charge and opens access to S2O Forums, Technical Indicator Charts, Watch Lists and all other customizable stock2own services.

When you register, stock2own will send you a confirmation email, so please, make sure you are using a valid email address, otherwise you will not be able to activate your account.

If you are already a registered user, you can sign in at any moment from any page - just click the "Sign In" button in the main menu. You can use either your user name or your email to sign in.

If you forgot your password, do not hesitate to click the "Forgot your password" link and a friendly wizard will guide you through the process of resetting your password in a few easy steps.

When you are signed in - let me do it using my demo login - you will have a special context menu in the right upper corner, which gives you basic abilities to manage your account, such as changing your settings.

Another thing that is always on when you are signed in is a quick context menu that provides access to all your watch lists. It is located in the left top corner of the screen, one of the first items in the breadcrumbs section.

You can also notice that there is a menu with shortcuts on the left side of the screen. All most commonly used functions like market news, market calendar, stock screener, popular stocks, and your watch lists are always here in your stock2own home page.

Stock2Own is mobile friendly

One last thing to mention in this presentation is that all features and services of stock2own.com are mobile friendly.

It means you can login to your account from your desktop computer, tablet and you will be able to access your information as well as analyze any stock you want, in a very similar fashion.

Some pages are quite complex (Stock Analyzer page, for example, or your watch list) and require a different form of presentation on a smaller screen.

Let's see how my Watch List will look like on a phone screen. Stock2own is smart enough to recognize the device you are using and adjust its view automatically. However, you can always manually change the way information is presented on such pages. For example, in a watch list there are 2 views available: a Table View and a Tile View. You can easily switch between them if you wish to. Well, table view seems to be difficult to deal with on this screen, therefore default view is recommended.

Contact Us

Finally, I just want to remind you that we will always be happy to hear from you if you have any questions or a suggestions. Please, use the "Contact Us" link which is available on every single page at the top of the screen.