Learn how to analyze and find stocks using Stock2Own.com

Learn how to use all that stock2own offers: Stock Analysis, Stock Screening, Watch Lists and more. Learn how to use Stock2Own products and services here, or watch and subscribe to stock2own channel on YouTube.


Stock2Own Tutorials - Basic Features

Basic Features

type: video (mp4); length: 4:49

Explains basic features of the stock2own.com web site. Design released in 2013 is mobile friendly, more customizable and... quite different. In this video you can also learn how to use Stock Analyzer and Stock Lookup.

Stock2Own Tutorials - Watch Lists

Watch Lists

type: video (mp4); length: 5:04

Demonstrates all major features of the stock2own Watch Lists: managing watch lists, adding/deleting stocks, automatically and manually set value price.

Stock Analyzer Tutorials

S2O Stock Analyzer - General Info

General Info

type: video (mp4); length: 3:30

Demonstrates how to use Stock Analyzer, shows how to analyze a stock and explains in detail "General Info" section of the Stock Analyzer result page.

S2O Stock Analyzer - Financial Statements

Financial Statements

type: video (mp4); length: 5:10

Explains information presented in the Financial Statements section of the S2O Stock Analyzer: financial statements charts, absolute values and growth rates.

S2O Stock Analyzer - Growth Grade and Financial Ratios

Growth Grade and Financial Ratios

type: video (mp4); length: 5:09

Demonstrates how to use Growth Grade & Financial Ratios section; shows the difference between historical and year-over-year Growth Grade on the real life example.

S2O Stock Analyzer - Value Price

Value Price

type: video (mp4); length: 6:03

Demonstrates how to use Value Price (intrinsic value) and the Graham Number, MOS (margin of safety) and IRT - Investment Recovery Time; explains 3 different projection models used to compute value price - pessimistic, moderate and optimistic.

S2O Stock Analyzer - Price Charts

Price Charts

type: video (mp4); length: 8:34

Demonstrates basic rules of how to read a candlestick chart, long and short term moving averages, stochastic, MACD and relative strength (RS) charts. Explains how bull or bear market condition is computed.

Stock Screener

Stock2Own Stock Screener Tutorials - Basic Features

Stock Screener Features

type: video (mp4); length: 8:29

Demonstrates basic features of the S2O Stock Screener: filter groups, shows how to set filters and what you can do with results.

Stock2Own Stock ScreenerTutorials - Filter Sets

Filter Sets

type: video (mp4); length: 2:42

Explains how to save filter settings, how to manage and load named filter sets.