I have been an UK investor for about three years and although reading Phil Town's Rule 1 book early on I was tempted away from sticking to his advice by tips in magazines and the internet. This meant that up until the end of last year I was down nearly 10% on my initial investment. At the beginning of this year I cleared out all stocks that did not show a price below value and bought only stocks that are below value that I've also taken time to research properly. S2O has been integral in enabling me to do this research along with ADVFN and DL, and I'm glad to say that I've now recovered my loss and am making a small profit. Discipline will be my watchword in future. I've looked at many websites and believe that S2O is the best value for the small investor like myself.


This website is spectacular! I used the trial version in about 5 minutes and already found value in your approach. Rule #1 investing is something I live by and your site makes it so easy for us investors. I look forward to being a lifelong member soon and thank you for all your hard work!


I'm writing to say thanks for your amazing website. It is the most valuable resource for researching stocks I have ever found. Thank you for providing this information.

Jeff C.

This mobile app is awesome. Thank you. Absolutely love this app. Everything I've been looking for.


Just a quick note to say I have read Phil Town's 'Rule #1' book and agree with the fundamental-technical approach. In doing an internet search I came across a reference to your site and recently joined. I have gone over the site carefully and just feel I cannot leave something unsaid... This is a brilliant realisation of his concepts! The site is easy to use and well thought out. The programming seems flawless. I just wanted to commend you for this outstanding job. I hope the site is very successful. You deserve it to be. Well done and keep up the magnificient work. I take my hat off to you and all those involved.


I'm new to your stock2own-site and I'm thrilled about how much information I can find here. Therefore at first: Thank you very much for your work and engagement!!! I love your site.

Katharina H.

...I realize membership is worth a million dollars because its such a great informative site. I've tried several other sites, even paid money for Rule #1 lists, but no other site is even close to being comparable to the great Stock2own.

Doug S.

Whoever you are, I just wanted to extend a thank you for all the work you've done on your website and making it accessible. I started dabbling in stocks about 6 months ago and have read about 15 different investment books, all of them useful. I keep coming back to the first book read which was Rule #1 Investing which, I think, is a bit fortuitous and in keeping with my investor personality. It just amazes me that there are people such as yourself that take the time to share your research. I know for me it's like chicken noodle soup to be able to access info such as sticker price, mos, etc. as the stock market is surely today's version of the wild west.


I've just found your site and I have to say, it's excellent, really nice work. I hope you keep having the time, enthusiasm, initiative and patience to keep it up to date as it will help many people in the future.


I've just registered with your website and thought I must send you a quick note to say well done for an absolutely fantastic site. The watch list layout is perfect. I believe if Mr Town was aware of your fine work he would either employ you to run this for him or make you an offer you could not refuse!

Lee O.