September 22, 2022 - Market News Sentiment

Sep 21 '22

S2O added new market news provider - AlphaVantage.
Some news received from Alpha Vantage have bullish/bearish sentiment associated with each news from multiple sources. As always, news are available for US stocks on the Stock Analyzer page as well as for the market in general.

Stock2Own is greatful to the opportunity to work with AlphaVantage. We hope new features will help you quickly navigate the news.

September 10, 2022 - added Stock Strategy Backtesting

Sep 09 '22

S2O added stock strategy backtesting.
If there is an AI signal generated, you can see it in the Stock Analyzer page on the chart as well as a direction on how a particular stock can be traded right above the chart. The trading rules are based on a simple strategy which can be used and automatically backtested in conjunstion with AI signals. Simply click on the link to backtest and see what could be your PNL (Profit aNd Loss) if you had followed AI signals for the last year.

January 7, 2022 - added BITO to the US Market Screener

Jan 06 '22

S2O added BITO - Bitcoin Startegy ETF to the Market Screener.
Check it out here

November 13, 2021 - added most influential stock lists to the US Market Screener

Nov 12 '21

S2O added most influential stock lists to the US Market Screener.
Check it out here
Currently available only for US securities.

October 17, 2021 - added Oberbought/Oversold stock lists to the US Market Screener

Oct 16 '21

S2O added Oberbought/Oversold stock lists to the US Market Screener. It is available to all subscribed users and contains all sorts of charts that help figure out market trend, get ready for earnings season and more.
Check it out here
Currently available only for US securities.

October 3, 2021 - added US Market Screener

Oct 02 '21

S2O added US Market Screener. It is available to all subscribed users and contains all sorts of charts that help figure out market trend, get ready for earnings season and more.
Check it out here
Currently available only for US securities.

September 19, 2020 - added Benzinga news

Sep 18 '20

S2O added stock related news from Benzinga to the S2O Stock Analyzer, General section. Currently available only for US securities.

July 4, 2020 - all S2O Mobile apps are free

Jul 03 '20

In celebration of USA Independence Day stock2own is happy to announce that all our mobile apps are free of charge now. We are planning to unwind our Lite version and focus on the S2O Stock Value Analyzer PRO and keep it free.

Check it out in the Mobile apps section.

Happy Independence Day, USA!

May 3, 2020 - added ability to compare up to 10 stocks

May 02 '20

Compare up to 10 stocks side by side using Stock Comparison. New feature is available to registered stock2own users with a valid membership.

July 25, 2019 - added new filters to the S2O AI Stock Screener

Jul 24 '19

New filters by trade volume and market condition are added to the AI Stock Screener.

July 15, 2019 - Stock2Own introduces new screener – AI Stock Screener

Jul 14 '19

New AI Stock Screener allows you to quickly select stocks based on the S2O AI Signals. The signals are simple Buy or Sell, however, the best results in our testing we got when... here are the details: Technical Analysis: S2O AI Buy/Sell signals.
All AI Signals are updated daily, after market closes.

September 6, 2018 - Stock2Own added AI Buy/Sell Signals

Sep 05 '18

Stock2Own is proud to introduce AI signals.
You can see them as simple Buy or Sell signals on the price charts. We compute AI signals daily, after market closed. It allows you to incorporate this knowledge into your daily routine and use freshly baked alerts before market is open. As of this writing we can compute AI signals only for US securities.
Read more about S2O AI Signals

March 11, 2018 - Stock2Own added US Treasury Yield Curve and Market Dashboard.

Mar 10 '18

US Treasury Yield Curve shows major Treasury Yield rates as well as Treasury Yield Curve. To help you see Treasury Yield Curve dynamic, you can include historical curves on the same chart.

Stock Market Dashboard contains a list of major stock market indicators: major world indexes, major US indexes, fear index VIX, US Treasury Yield Rates, major commodities ETFs and SPDR ETFs. All of them in a single compact and mobile device ready form.

Stock Market Dashboard is available for everyone.

February 25, 2018 - two more ratios added to the Stock Analyzer.

Feb 24 '18

Stock Analyzer shows two additional ratios:

Equity Ratio - a financial ratio indicating the relative proportion of equity used to finance a company's assets. The equity ratio is a very common financial ratio, especially in Central Europe and Japan, while in the US the debt to equity ratio is more often used in financial (research) reports.

Cash Flow Ratio - measures how much a company can shift its financing to suppliers.

Read more about available financial ratios in the "Market Theory" section.

September 27, 2017 - annual and quarterly financial data available in the S2O PRO mobile app.

Sep 26 '17

New version of the S2O Stock Analyzer PRO is ready in the Apple and Android Store.

Along with a few bug fixes, it has a new feature – access to raw annual and quarterly financial data. The view shows raw numbers and growth rates side by side, accompanied by a chart.

August 8, 2017 - Stock2Own added Beta, Alpha and Sharpe Ratio.

Aug 07 '17

Stock2Own just added Beta, Alpha and Sharpe Ratio to the S2O Stock Analyzer!

All three ratios fall into category of Risk/Rewards Ratios and can be used to compare stocks performances in your Watch Lists.

April 30, 2017 - Stock2Own added new technical indicator – Bollinger Bands.

Apr 29 '17

Stock2Own added a new technical indicator – Bollinger Bands. Bollinger Bands are a highly popular technical analysis technique and it is available now on both static and dynamic price charts. Read more about Bollinger Bands here.

Stock2Own also added more customization! From now on you can set what technical indicators you want to see on dynamic charts – simply go to My Settings page and check/uncheck indicators you want to see by default. Of course, you still can make them visible on a chart by simply clicking on it.

February 12, 2017 - Stock2Own added a new stock screener.

Feb 11 '17

Stock2Own added a new screener – Magic Screener. It is inspired by the ideas of fundamental stock screening described in "The Little Book that Beats the Market" by Joel Greenblatt. Joel Greenblatt came up with a simple way to screen and invest in stocks. Of course, it requires discipline and works the best for the long term investors.

Give it a try – screener is easy to use. Anyone who is S2O Stock Screener subscriber or has at least one Stock Screener request left, can use new Stock Screener.

November 5, 2016 - Static price charts improvement.

Nov 04 '16

Right side axis labels have been added to the static price chart (it is available as a quick view from Watch Lists, Stock Screener and can be set as a default chart type in your settings). Now it is easier to see what the most recent values are.

September 4, 2016 - Watch Lists are sortable.

Sep 03 '16

You can now sort content of your watch list by clicking on a column header. Sort multiple columns simultaneously by holding down the shift key and clicking a second, third or even fourth column header!
Thanks to!

July 10, 2016 - New Charts for Financial Statements.

Jul 09 '16

New section "Annual Statements Charts" is added to Stock Analyzer. It shows major ratios as well as items from financial statements as a chart with growth rates. Simple, compact and informative. Check it out: Analyze Apple Inc.

January 9, 2016 - shows Buy/Sell Alerts produced by AI Agents.

Jan 08 '16

For quite a long time we've been working on artificial intelligence models for stock market analysis and finally we are ready to share results with you. Check out new web site:
It shows Buy/Sell Alerts produced by AI Agents, market bias level, detailed stock analysis with trigger and stop-loss prices used for buy/sell orders. You can track agents performance by checking their virtual portfolios.

We are processing data for all S&P 500 stocks daily, after market closed. The results usually available by the next day early morning (EST), before stock market is open in the US.