Watch Lists

last update: November 10, 2013

Stock2Own gives a registered user ability to organize stocks in watch lists. It seems useful to have all stocks with open long positions in the watch list "Long Positions" and stocks that been selected using certain methodology, in a separate list. For example, "Rule #1" list may contain all stocks that I selected based on my understanding of Phil Town's Rule #1; "Banks" list may have all stocks I like in the financial sector and so on.

You can manage your Watch Lists by clicking "Watch Lists" menu on your home page. It is also easy to access any of your watch lists via a drop down menu available in the left top corner on every page.

Stock2Own Investor - Manage Watch Lists

A context menu gives you access to the basic management actions like rename (menu item edit), delete or view content. Simply click on a Watch List item to activate context menu.

Watch Lists - Context Menu

Similar context menu available for you for each stock in your Watch List – a single click on a desired stock will activate this context menu and provide you the following options:

  • Delete - removes the stock from Watch List
  • Edit - allows to adjust or set value price
  • Analyze - calls Stock Analyzer for the selected stock
  • Price Chart - loads a simple static price chart, which includes several moving averages, stochastic, RSI and MACD
Watch Lists - Context Menu

It is also easy to add stocks to your Watch List and you can do it right from the Stock Analyzer page – all you have to do is click on "Add to Watch List" button in the header of the page, select destination watch list and click "Add". If you prefer to set your own value price for the stock, you can also do it here.

Watch Lists - Context Menu

There are a lot of important data elements in your watch list. You can see elements of fundamental analysis: Growth Grades, PE, Earnings per Share, PEGY, value and margin of safety prices; and technical analysis: most recent market price, the market condition the stock in (bull or bear), technical indicator alert and RSI (relative strength index).

This is all useful and if you do not remember what Beta or some other ratio means and why it is highlighted - just point the mouse pointer to this value and a small popup explaining the value will show up.

Watch Lists - Financial Ratio Tooltip

There is also a video tutorial that demonstrates all major features of the stock2own Watch Lists available.