Price Alerts

last update: July 6, 2013

Stock2own allows to set price alerts.

Essentially it allows investor to better monitor stocks and could be extremely helpful for those who are watching certain price corridor or trading derivatives. For instance, if you made an iron condor trade, you may want to set high and low boundaries for your trade so it is easy to keep an eye on the price fluctuation.

Another common scenario is stock piling. Quite often when investors found a good company they may want to buy the same stock more than once. And the decision of when to buy could be described as “when the price reaches my level of comfort”. So set alert to your level of comfort and monitor it in Watch List and on your home page.

For each stock in Watch List you can set a high and low price limits. Of course, you can set just one of those limits or do not use it at all, it is not required.

Stock2Own Investor - Set Price Alert

Alert prices are shown in the Watch List Snapshot on the home page. If alert price was violated, a warning sign will be shown. In the detailed Watch List mode only alert sign is shown:

Watch List - Price Alerts

High Price Alert always shown at the top of a Low Price Alert. Also, if you point your mouse pointer to the alert sign, you shall see the difference between market price and alert price as a percentage:

Watch List Snapshot - Price Alerts

When shall you expect alert to be marked with a warning sign.

  • Low Price Alert is ON when latest market price of a stock is below Alert Price.
  • High Price Alert is ON when latest market price of a stock is above Alert Price.


  • Stock2own does not validate your price alerts. Therefore you may see that both – high and low – alerts are fired if you set High Price Alert below Low Price Alert.
  • Stock2own does NOT send any emails or other sort of notification when price alert is fired. This is up to the user to monitor prices via Watch Lists. Price Alert is a monitoring instrument, but not a notification service.