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last update: November 10, 2013

What shall you expect to see when you are logged in to

Stock2own has a very detailed Watch List view, where registered user can see a lot of fundamental and technical characteristics of each stock in the Watch List. Very useful, detailed and extremely helpful in research mode. But, what investors do on a daily basis? We think, monitoring their stocks. Therefore we left "research mode" details for the Stock Screener and Watch List Detailed View and redesigned Home page for investor. From now on you can see there only 2 things:

Earnings Calendar

Earnings Calendar contains a list of all upcoming earning releases that stock2own aware of. It lists events scheduled for the next 2 weeks. All data filtered by stocks in your watch lists. A simple click on a line in the list will bring you to the Stock Analyzer screen for the selected stock.

Stock2Own Investor Home - Earnings Calendar

Of course, there is a complete list of upcoming events for the next 2 weeks available in the Market / Calendar section.

Please, keep in mind that this date become available approximately 1 month prior to earnings date and it will disappear after earnings reported. For example, US Earnings season usually starts with Alcoa Inc. (US:AA), therefore you should see AA among one of the first with the Earnings Date populated.

Watch List Snapshot

Watch List Snapshot designed for a quick view. It allows you to select any of your watch lists from a drop down list and shows Symbol, Company Name, latest market price and Technical Indicators Alert for every single line.

A single click on any line will give you a context menu, where you can go to Stock Analyzer for a detailed stock analysis or select Price Chart menu to see price charts for a selected line in a popup window.

Stock2Own Investor Home - Watch List Snapshot

By the way, stock2own will also remember your last selected Watch List and when you visit your home page next time, last visited Watch List will be shown. Of course, you can change it any time you want, we just want to save you a few seconds of your time.