S2O Search Plugin

last update: December 9, 2013

A search plugin provides the ability to access a search engine from a web browser, without having to go to the engine's website first. It means that you do not have to go to stock2own.com in order to analyze stock. Instead you can install S2O search plugin and use it from any site at any time.

In order to install search plugin all you have to do is click on the link S2O Search Plugin in the right upper corner of the stock2own web site or here. This plugin is self discoverable and if you have not installed it yet, your web browser may suggest you to install and use it.

Search Plugin: Confirm Search Plugin installation

This is very easy to use search engine plugin – all you have to do is select desired installed search engine from the combo box, which usually located at the top right corner of your browser, type information you are looking for and hit "Enter".

Search Plugin: Confirm Search Plugin installation

The beauty of it – you can use it from anywhere! Let's say you are reading news about new promising company on the Business Week web site. You do not have to surf away from your article, instead, just type symbol in the engine screen and click "Enter" – results of S2O analysis will pop up immediately, right where you need it!

In order to use stock2own search engine, we encourage you to type country and symbol in the following format:


For example, if you are looking for information about Microsoft you have to type US:MSFT and hit enter.

Please, keep in mind, if you do not use country code prefix in the S2O search plugin, US country code will be used.

Note: search plugins are supported by both Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and later, and Internet Explorer 7 and later.