Check out new stock2own features for Watch Lists, Price Charts and Stock Analysis.

Check out latest updates released on This section illustrates newly developed features and latest updates and changes. You can also view them in chronological order in S2O News. You can also learn about most stock2own features watching short video tutorials.


Search Plugin

S2O Search Plugin allows you to analyze stocks from any web site at any time. Learn more how to install and use S2O Search Plugin.

Watch List Context Menu

S2O Watch List: click on a link for Stock Analyzer; do NOT click on a link for a context menu. Learn more.

Investor Mode (Registered Users)

Home Page

What investors do on a daily basis? We think, monitoring their stocks. Therefore we left "research mode" details for the Stock Screener and Watch List Detailed View. See what market monitoring tools available on your home page.

Watch Lists

Demonstrates all major features of the stock2own Watch Lists: managing watch lists, adding/deleting stocks, context menus and more. Check all features available to manage and effectively use your watch lists.

Price Alerts

Price Alerts allow investor to better monitor stocks and could be extremely helpful for those who are watching certain price corridor or trading derivatives. Read more about Price Alerts.