has started back in a summer of 2007 as a single page web site. That page grew up into Stock Analyzer, which calculates intrinsic value and presents fundamental and technical characteristics of any given stock in a very simple compact form.

There are many different intrinsic value evaluation models exist and we are adding and mixing several models to give investor a wide outlook to a possible stock value. Usually, this type of analysis requires much of manual research and routine computations. Stock2Own's goal is to automate this process and make results easy to understand.

Stock2Own Mission

To save time for stock market investors by developing and providing online data analysis tools.

Effectiveness in data automation
The biggest time saver is automation of data discovery and analysis. It may take hours to a non professional investor to go through different web sites, get all data she needs and calculate all values. Stock2own fully automated this process, which allows us to deliver results in a matter of seconds.
Data presentation optimization
We do believe that the way data organized and presented has a great affect on a user's performance. Stock2own works hard on every page; we want to give user a complete overview in a one simple look and keep all detailed information, as well as links to additional third party resources, right on user's fingertips.
Objective opinion
Saving investors time, stock2own does not provide any sort of financial advice or recommendation.
All stock2own's services are based on data analysis; there are no clues, hot tips or advices provided. We do believe that the same information may be used differently by different investors and therefore can lead to different results, which makes "stock2own's performance analysis" as a general approach, misleading at least. Stock2own does not recommend any sort of methodology, it provides only discovered and pre-calculated numbers and this is up to the end user (investor) how to use that information and what method to use at any given moment.
Collaborative work
We do believe in a collaborative work. We encourage all members of stock2own community to actively participate in stock2own online discussions. Please, do not hesitate to ask questions and share your thoughts; we are here to help each other!

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Should you have any question, please contact us and we will be happy to answer.