Exchange Traded Product (ETP)

An exchange-traded product (ETP) is a derivatively-priced security which trades intra-day on a national stock exchange. ETPs are typically benchmarked to indices, stocks, commodities, or may be actively managed. ETPs qualify for advanced types of orders such as limit orders and stop orders. This is in contrast to traditional mutual funds which are only available for buying and selling at the close of business each day.

The most popular exchange traded product is the exchange traded fund (ETF). These are securities that track an index, commodity or basket of assets. Exchange traded notes, on the other hand, are a type of unsecured, unsubordinated debt security. The value of an ETN can be affected by the credit rating of the issuer and not just changes in the underlying index. Exchange traded products have experienced huge growth since they were introduced. Different tax treatment applies to the various types of exchange traded products.

Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are increasingly popular investment vehicles. Before you decide to invest, there are some basic questions you should consider in order to make an informed investment decision.

What are Exchange Traded Funds?

An ETF is an investment product that allows an investor to buy and sell shares in a single security that represents a fractional ownership of a portfolio of securities. Legally, ETFs are open-ended investment companies or unit investment trusts that are registered under the Investment Company Act of 1940.

ETFs are one type of structured exchange-traded product. There are other types as well, but they do not share all the characteristics of ETFs, even though they may be referred to as such in the popular press and on some websites. Examples of these other investment products include exchange traded notes (ETNs), equity linked notes, closed end funds and exchange traded vehicles (ETVs), among others.

ETFs are similar to index mutual funds in that they replicate the returns of predefined stock indexes.

What kinds of ETFs are available?

The first ETF, SPDR Trust, was listed in 1993 with an underlying portfolio designed essentially to replicate the performance of the S&P 500 index. Since then over 700 ETFs have been introduced that allow investors to gain exposure to a wide range of investment strategies including broad stock indexes, industry sectors, fixed income indexes and international and global indexes.

Recently, ETFs have introduced investment objectives that attempt to replicate a multiple or the inverse of the daily return of an underlying index. For example, one fund replicates twice the daily return of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The "short" or "inverse" ETFs replicate the inverse of the daily returns of the underlying index.

Another new type of investment offered in the ETF structure is the actively managed portfolio. Unlike traditional ETFs, which are designed to track an index, actively managed ETFs permit the fund manager to buy and sell securities and derivatives according to a stated strategy, described in the prospectus. As a condition of operations, the portfolio or fund holdings are disclosed daily on the fund's website.

How are ETFs traded?

ETFs are listed on a national securities exchange; they can be bought and sold like common stocks throughout the trading day. Individual investors may purchase or sell an ETF through a stock brokerage account. Investors may enter the same types of orders that are placed for shares of stock (including, for example, market and limit orders). There are also listed options on some ETFs.

Widely used ETPs available on stock2own:

AEU.UN ACTIVEnergy Income Fund
ASA ASA Limited
FAX Aberdeen Asia-Pacific Income Fund
IAF Aberdeen Australia Equity Fund
CH Aberdeen Chile Fund, Inc.
FCO Aberdeen Global Income Fund
AVK Advent Claymore Convertible Securities & Income Fund
LCM Advent Claymore Enhanced Growth and Income Fund
AKP Alliance CA Municipal Income Fund
AFB Alliance National Municipal Income Fund
AYN Alliance New York Municipal Income Fund
ACG AllianceBernstein Income Fund Inc.
NCV Allianzgi Convertible & Income Fund
AGD Alpine Global Dynamic Dividend Fund
AOD Alpine Total Dynamic Dividend Fund
STQAX AmericaFirst Seasonal Trends A
MRF American Income Fund
XAA American Municipal Income Portfolio
SLA American Select Portfolio
ASP American Strategic Income Portfolio
BSP American Strategic Income Portfolio II
CSP American Strategic Income Portfolio III
APB Asia Pacific Fund
GRR Asia Tigers Fund
BCV Bancroft Fund Ltd.
BBO Big Bank Big Oil Split Corp
BJZ BlackRock CA Municipal 2018 Income Trust
BFZ BlackRock California Municipal Income Trust
BHK BlackRock Core Bond Trust
CYE BlackRock Corporate High Yield Fund III Inc.
HYV BlackRock Corporate High Yield Fund V Inc.
HYT BlackRock Corporate High Yield Fund VI Inc.
COY BlackRock Corporate High Yield Fund, Inc
DSU BlackRock Debt Strategies Fund Inc.
BQR BlackRock EcoSolutions Investment Trust
CII BlackRock Enhanced Capital and Income Fd
BDJ BlackRock Enhanced Dividend Achievers Trust
EGF BlackRock Enhanced Government Fund Inc.
FRA BlackRock Floating Rate Income Strategies Fund Inc.
BAF BlackRock Florida Insured Municipal Income Trust III
BFO BlackRock Florida Municipal 2020 Term Trust
BBF BlackRock Florida Municipal Income Trust
BGR BlackRock Global Energy & Resources
BGT BlackRock Global Floating Rate Income Trust
BOE BlackRock Global Opportunities Equity Trust
BME BlackRock Health Sciences Trust
HIS BlackRock High Income Shares
BHY BlackRock High Yield Trust
BNA BlackRock Income Opportunity Trust
BKT BlackRock Income Trust
BGY BlackRock International Growth and Inco
BKN BlackRock Investment Quality Municipal Trust
BLW BlackRock Limited Duration Income Trust
BTA BlackRock Long-Term Municipal Advantage Trust
MUI BlackRock Muni Intermediate Duration Fund Inc.
MNE BlackRock Muni NY Intermediate Duration Fund Inc.
MUA BlackRock MuniAssets Fund Inc.
MEN BlackRock MuniEnhanced Fund Inc.
MFL BlackRock MuniHolding Insured Investm
MUC BlackRock MuniHoldings California Insured Fund Inc.
MUH BlackRock MuniHoldings Fund II Inc.
MHD BlackRock MuniHoldings Fund Inc.
MUE BlackRock MuniHoldings Insured Fund II Inc.
MUS BlackRock MuniHoldings Insured Fund Inc.
MUJ BlackRock MuniHoldings New Jersey Insured Fund Inc.
MHN BlackRock MuniHoldings New York Insured Fund Inc.
MVT BlackRock MuniVest Fund II Inc.
MVF BlackRock MuniVest Fund Inc.
MYC BlackRock MuniYield California Fund Inc.
MCA BlackRock MuniYield California Insured Fund Inc.
MYF BlackRock MuniYield Florida Fund
MYD BlackRock MuniYield Fund Inc.
MYI BlackRock MuniYield Insured Fund Inc.
MFT BlackRock MuniYield Insured Investment
MYM BlackRock MuniYield Michigan Insured Fund II Inc.
MIY BlackRock MuniYield Michigan Insured Fund Inc.
MYN BlackRock MuniYield NY Insured Fund Inc.
MYJ BlackRock MuniYield New Jersey Fund Inc.
MJI BlackRock MuniYield New Jersey Insured Fund Inc.
MPA BlackRock MuniYield Pennsylvania Insured Fund
MQT BlackRock MuniYield Quality Fund II Inc.
MQY BlackRock MuniYield Quality Fund Inc.
BPK BlackRock Municipal 2018 Income Term Trust
BKK BlackRock Municipal 2020 Term Trust
BIE BlackRock Municipal Bond Investment Tst
BBK BlackRock Municipal Bond Trust
BFK BlackRock Municipal Income Trust
BLE BlackRock Municipal Income Trust II
BSE BlackRock NY Insured Municipal Income Trust III
BLH BlackRock NY Municipal 2018 Income Trust
BYM BlackRock National Insured Municipal Income Trust III
BNJ BlackRock New Jersey Municipal Income Trust
BQH BlackRock New York Municipal Bond Trust
BNY BlackRock New York Municipal Income Trust
PSW BlackRock Preferred & Corporate Income Strategies Fund Inc.
PSY BlackRock Preferred Income Strategies Fund Inc.
BPP BlackRock Preferred Opportunity Trust
BCF BlackRock Real Asset Equity Trust
ARK BlackRock Senior High Income Fund Inc.
BHD BlackRock Strategic Bond Trust
BSD BlackRock Strategic Municipal Trust
BTZ Blackrock Preferred and Equity Trust
RBN.UN Blue Ribbon Income Fund
BIF Boulder Growth & Income Fund
BTF Boulder Total Return Fund Inc.
SBC Brompton Split Banc Corp
VIP.UN Brompton VIP Income Fund
CIP.UN CI Master Limited Partnership
CHY Calamos Convertible & High Income
CHW Calamos Global Dynamic Income Fund
CSQ Calamos Strategic Total Return Fund
CGI Canadian General Investments Closed Fund
CGRIF Canadian General Investments Closed Fund
LFE Canadian Life Companies Split Corp
RTU.UN Canadian Resources Income Trust
CEF Central Fund of Canada
CEF.A Central Fund of Canada Ltd
GTU Central GoldTrust
CET Central Securities Corporation
CRT.UN Citadel SMaRT Fund
CGW Claymore S&P Global Water Index ETF
TAO Claymore/AlphaShares China Real Estate ETF
HAO Claymore/AlphaShares China Small Cap Index ETF
EEB Claymore/BNY Mellon BRIC ETF
FRN Claymore/BNY Mellon Frontier Markets ETF
CUT Claymore/Beacon Global Timber Index ETF
SEA Claymore/Delta Global Shipping
GOF Claymore/Guggenheim Strategic Opportunities Fund
TAN Claymore/MAC Global Solar Energy Index ETF
FAA Claymore/NYSE Arca Airline ETF
RYJ Claymore/Raymond James SB-1 Equity ETF
LVL Claymore/S&P Global Dividend Opportunities Index ETF
ENY Claymore/SWM Canadian Energy Income Index ETF
DEF Claymore/Sabrient Defensive Equity Index ETF
NFO Claymore/Sabrient Insider ETF
HGI Claymore/Zacks International Multi-Asset Income Index ETF
CZA Claymore/Zacks Mid-Cap Core ETF
FOF Cohen & Steers Closed-End Opportunity Fund Inc
DVM Cohen & Steers Dividend Majors Fund
INB Cohen & Steers Global Income Builder, Inc
RQI Cohen & Steers Quality Income Realty Fund
RNP Cohen & Steers REIT & Preferred Income Fund
UTF Cohen & Steers Select Utility Fund
RFI Cohen & Steers Total Return Realty
CXE Colonial High Income Municipal Trust
CMK Colonial InterMarket Income Trust I
CIF Colonial Intermediate High Income Fund
CXH Colonial Investment Grade Municipal Trust
CMU Colonial Municipal Income Trust
CGQBX Columbia Large Growth Quantitative B
CGQRX Columbia Large Growth Quantitative R
XLY Consumer Discretionary Select Sector SPDR Fund
XLP Consumer Staples Select Sector SPDR Fund
CFP Cornerstone Progressive Return Fund
CLM Cornerstone Strategic Value Fund
COX.UN Coxe Commodity Strategy Fund
FXE CurrencyShares Euro Trust
HYB.UN DDJ High Yield Fund
DPF.UN DPF India Opportunities Fund
DTF DTF Tax Free Income
DNY Denali Fund Inc
TYO Direxion Daily 10-Yr Treasury Bear 3x Shrs
TYD Direxion Daily 10-Yr Treasury Bull 3x Shrs
TMV Direxion Daily 30-Yr Treasury Bear 3x Shrs
TMF Direxion Daily 30-Yr Treasury Bull 3x Shrs
TNA Direxion Daily MSCI Em Mkts Bull 3X ETF
TZA Direxion Daily Small Cap Bear 3X ETF
DPK Direxion Developed Markets Bear 3x Shares
DZK Direxion Developed Markets Bull 3x Shares
EDZ Direxion Emerging Markets Bear 3x Shares
EDC Direxion Emerging Markets Bull 3x Shares
ERY Direxion Energy Bear 3x Shares
ERX Direxion Energy Bull 3x Shares
FAZ Direxion Financial Bear 3x Shares
FAS Direxion Financial Bull 3x Shares
DCA Dividend Capital Realty Income Allocation
DPO Dow 30 Enhanced Premium & Income Fund Inc
DPD Dow 30 Premium & Dividend Income Fund
DUC Duff & Phelps Utility and Corporate Bond Trust
ECVTF Economic Investment Trust Ltd
ECF Ellsworth Fund
EMT Emerging Global Shares Metals & Mining
ETF Emerging Markets Telecommunications Fund
EOSOF EnerVest Energy and Oil Sands Total Return Trust
EOS.UN EnerVest Energy and Oil Sands Total Return Trust
XLE Energy Select Sector SPDR Fund
EQS Equus Total Return, Inc.
EAD Evergreen Income Advantage Fund
LFEIX Federated Equity Income F
FPT Federated Premier Intermediate Municipal Income Fund
FMN Federated Premier Municipal Income Fund
FCNTX Fidelity Contrafund
ONEQ Fidelity Nasdaq Composite Index Tracking Stock
FMO Fiduciary/Claymore MLP Opportunity Fund
FTN Financial 15 Split Corp
FFN Financial 15 Split Corp II
XLF Financial Select Sector SPDR Fund
FC.UN Firm Capital Mortgage Investment Trust
TRF.UN First Asset Energy & Resource Fund
EWP.UN First Asset Pipes & Power Income Fund
FAY.UN First Asset Yield Opportunity Trust
FAV First Trust Active Dividend Income Fund
FBT First Trust Amex Biotech Index Fund
FXD First Trust Cons. Discret. AlphaDEX
FXG First Trust Cons. Staples AlphaDEX
FDV First Trust DB Strategic Value ETF
FGD First Trust DJ Global Select Dividend
FDM First Trust DJ Select MicroCap ETF
FDN First Trust Dow Jones Internet ETF
FDD First Trust Dow Jones STOXX Select Dividend 30 Index Fund
FEN First Trust Energy Income & Growth Fund
FFR First Trust FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Global Real Estate Index Fund
FXO First Trust Financials AlphaDEX
FXH First Trust Health Care AlphaDEX
FNI First Trust ISE Chindia
FLM First Trust ISE Global Engineering and Construction Index Fund
FAN First Trust ISE Global Wind Energy ETF
FIW First Trust ISE Water Index Fund
FEX First Trust Large Cap Core AlphaDEX
FTC First Trust Large Cap Growth Opportunities AlphaDEX Fund
FTA First Trust Large Cap Value Opportunities AlphaDEX Fund
FXZ First Trust Materials AlphaDEX Fund
FNX First Trust Mid Cap Core AlphaDEX
FDL First Trust Morningstar ETF
FAD First Trust Multi CG AlphaDEX
FAB First Trust Multi Cap Value AlphaDEX Fund
QCLN First Trust NASDAQ Clean Edge U.S. Liquid Series Index Fund
QQEW First Trust NASDAQ-100 Equal Weighted Index Fund
QQXT First Trust NASDAQ-100 Ex-Technology Sector Index Fund
QTEC First Trust NASDAQ-100-Tech Sector ETF
FRI First Trust S&P REIT Index Fund
FYX First Trust Small Cap Core AlphaDEX
FGB First Trust Specialty Finance & Financial Opptys
FHY First Trust Strategic High Income Fund II
FXL First Trust Technology AlphaDEX
FPX First Trust US Equity Opportunities ETF
FXU First Trust Utilities AlphaDEX Fund
FVD First Trust VL Dividend
FVI First Trust VL Equity Allocation
FVL First Trust Value Line 100 Fund
FAM First Trust/Aberdeen Global Opportunity Income
FMY First Trust/FIDAC Mortgage Income
FFA First Trust/Fiduciary Asset Management Covered Call
FCT First Trust/Four Corners Senior Floating Rate Income II
FEO First Trust/aberdeen Emerging Oppo
PFD Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred Income
PFO Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred Income Opportunity Fund
FLC Flaherty & Crumrine/Claymore Total Return Fund
FDI Fort Dearborn Inc. Secs.
FT Franklin Universal Trust
GGN GAMCO Global Gold, Natural Resources & Income Trust
GCV Gabelli Convertible & Income Securities Fund
GDV Gabelli Dividend & Income Trust
GDL Gabelli Global Deal Closed Fund
GUT Gabelli Utility Trust
GAM General American Investors
GHI Global High Income Fund
GCF Global Income & Currency Fund
GREK Global X MSCI Greece ETF
GXG Global X/InterBolsa FTSE Colombia 20 ETF
GBA GlobalBanc Advantaged 8 Split Corp
GCC GreenHaven Continuous Commodity Index Fund
GBAB Guggenheim Build America Bonds
DWX Guggenheim S&P Global Dividend Opps ETF
RZV Guggenheim S&P SmallCap 600 PureVal ETF
HQH H & Q Healthcare Investors
IAH HOLDRS Internet Architecture
PPH HOLDRS Merrill Lynch Pharmaceutical
RKH HOLDRS Merrill Lynch Regional Bank
RTH HOLDRS Merrill Lynch Retail
SMH HOLDRS Merrill Lynch Semiconductor
XLV Health Care Select Sector SPDR Fund
HAV Helios Advantage Income Fund
HIH Helios High Income Fund
HHY Helios High Yield Fund
HMH Helios Multi-Sector High Income Fund
HSA Helios Strategic Income Fund
HYI High Yield Income Fund
HXU Horizons BetaPro S&P/TSX 60 Bull Plus ETF
IAE ING Asia Pacific High Dividend Equity Income Fund
IGD ING GLobal Equity Dividend Premium
IGA ING Global Advantage and Premium Opportunity Fund
IID ING International High Dividend Equity Income Fund
PPR ING Prime Rate Trust
IRR ING Risk Managed Natural Resources Fund
INC.UN Income Financial Trust
IF Indonesia Fund
XLI Industrial Select Sector SPDR Fund
PSI Invesco Dynamic Semiconductors ETF
PSJ Invesco Dynamic Software ETF
OIA Invesco Municipal Income Opp Trust
IQI Invesco Quality Municipal Inc Trust
CVY Invesco Zacks Multi-Asset Income ETF
JEQ Japan Equity Fund
JOF Japan Smaller Cap Fund
JHS John Hancock Income Securities Trust
JHI John Hancock Investors Trust
PGD John Hancock Patriot Global Div Fd
PDT John Hancock Patriot Prem Div Fd II
HPI John Hancock Preferred Equity Income
HPF John Hancock Preferred Income Fund II
HPS John Hancock Preferred Income III
HTD John Hancock Tax Advantage Dividend Income
HTY John Hancock Tax-Advantaged Global Shareholder Yld
KED Kayne Anderson Energy Development Company
KEF Korea Equity Fund
KF Korea Fund
LGI Lazard Global Total Return & Income Fund
LOR Lazard World Dividend & Income
USA Liberty All-Star Equity Fund
ASG Liberty All-Star Growth Fund
LBS Life & Banc Split Corp
MCR MFS Charter Income Trust
MGF MFS Government Markets Income Trust
MIN MFS Intermediate Income Trust
LFEAX MFS Lifetime 2035 A
LFETX MFS Lifetime 2035 R3
MMT MFS Multimarket Income Trust
MFM MFS Municipal Income Trust
MFV MFS Special Value Trust
MID.UN MINT Income Fund
MKZ.UN Mackenzie Master LP
MGU Macquarie Global Infr Total Return
MFD Macquarie/First Trust Global Infrastructure/Util Dividend & Income
DMM MacroShares Major Metro Housing Down
MSP Madison Strategic Sector Premium Fund
MCN Madison/Claymore Covered Call Fund
HYF Managed High Yield Plus Fund Inc.
BRF Market Vectors Brazil Small-Cap ETF
EVX Market Vectors Environment Index ETF Fund
BJK Market Vectors Gaming ETF
GEX Market Vectors Global Alternative Energy ETF
MES Market Vectors Gulf States Index ETF
HAP Market Vectors Hard Assets Producers ETF
HYD Market Vectors High Yield Municipal Index ETF
IDX Market Vectors Indonesia Index ETF
PRB Market Vectors Pre-Refunded Municipal Index ETF
SMB Market Vectors Short Municipal Index ETF
KWT Market Vectors Solar Energy ETF
SLX Market Vectors Steel Index ETF Fund
MOO Market Vectors-Agribusiness ETF
CNY Market Vectors-Chinese Renminbi/USD ETN
URR Market Vectors-Double Long Euro ETN
DRR Market Vectors-Double Short Euro ETN
INR Market Vectors-Indian Rupee/USD ETN
ITM Market Vectors-Lehman Brothers AMT-Free Intermediate Municipal Index ETF
MLN Market Vectors-Lehman Brothers AMT-Free Long Municipal Index ETF
NLR Market Vectors-Nuclear Energy ETF
MCI Massmutual Corporate Investors
MPV Massmutual Participation Investors
XLB Materials Select Sector SPDR Fund
MXE Mexico Equity and Income Fund
MXF Mexico Fund
MTS Montgomery Street Income Securities Inc.
APF Morgan Stanley Asia-Pacific Fund
RNE Morgan Stanley Eastern Europe Fund Inc.
EDD Morgan Stanley Emerging Markets Domestic Debt Fund
ICB Morgan Stanley Income Securities
IIM Morgan Stanley Insured Municipal Income Trust
MMN.UN Multi Manager Limited Partnership I
QQQX NASDAQ Premium Income & Growth Fund
NFJ NFJ Dividend Interest & Premium Strategy
NBW Neuberger Berman California Intermediate Municipal Fund
NBH Neuberger Berman Intermediate Municipal Fund
NBO Neuberger Berman New York Intermediate Municipal Fund
NRO Neuberger Berman Real Estate Securities Income Fund
HYB New America High Income Fund
NCZ Nicholas-Applegate Convertible & Income Fund II
NIE Nicholas-Applegate Equity & Convertible Income Fd
NGZ Nicholas-Applegate Global Equity & Conv Inc Fund
NAI Nicholas-Applegate Intl Premium & Strategy Fund
NAZ Nuveen Arizona Premium Income Municipal Fund
NAC Nuveen California Dividend Advantage Municipal Fund
NZH Nuveen California Dividend Advantage Municipal Fund 3
NCO Nuveen California Municipal Market Opportunity Fund
NCA Nuveen California Municipal Value Fund
NCP Nuveen California Performance Plus Municipal Fund
NUC Nuveen California Quality Income Municipal Fund
NVC Nuveen California Select Quality Municipal Fund
NXC Nuveen California Select Tax-Free Income Portfolio
NTC Nuveen Connecticut Premium Income Municipal Fund
JCE Nuveen Core Equity Alpha Fund
JDD Nuveen Diversified Dividend & Income Fund
NXZ Nuveen Dividend Advantage Municipal Fund 2
NZF Nuveen Dividend Advantage Municipal Fund 3
JPG Nuveen Equity Premium & Growth Fund
JLA Nuveen Equity Premium Advantage Fund
JPZ Nuveen Equity Premium Income Fund
JSN Nuveen Equity Premium Opportunity Fund
JFR Nuveen Floating Rate Income Fund
JGG Nuveen Global Government Enhanced Income Fund
JGV Nuveen Global Value Opportunities Fund
NNF Nuveen Insured New York Premium Income Municipal Fund
NPX Nuveen Insured Premium Income Municipal Fund 2
NQI Nuveen Insured Quality Municipal Fund
NEA Nuveen Insured Tax-Free Advantage Municipal Fund
NQM Nuveen Investment Quality Municipal Fund
NMY Nuveen Maryland Premium Income Municipal Fund
NMT Nuveen Massachusetts Premium Income Municipal Fund
NMP Nuveen Michigan Premium Income Municipal Fund
NUM Nuveen Michigan Quality Income Municipal Fund
NMA Nuveen Municipal Advantage Fund
NMI Nuveen Municipal Income Fund
NMO Nuveen Municipal Market Opportunity Fund
NIO Nuveen Municipal Opportunity Fund Inc
NUV Nuveen Municipal Value Fund, Inc.
NQJ Nuveen New Jersey Investment Quality Municipal Fund
NNJ Nuveen New Jersey Premium Income Municipal Fund
NQN Nuveen New York Investment Quality Municipal Fund
NNY Nuveen New York Municipal Value Fund
NNP Nuveen New York Performance Plus Municipal Fund
NUN Nuveen New York Quality Income Municipal Fund
NVN Nuveen New York Select Quality Municipal Fund
NXN Nuveen New York Select Tax-Free Income Portfolio
NNC Nuveen North Carol Premium Incom Mun Fd
NQP Nuveen Pennsylvania Investment Quality Municipal Fund
NPY Nuveen Pennsylvania Premium Income Municipal Fund 2
NPP Nuveen Performance Plus Municipal Fund
JPC Nuveen Preferred Income Opportunities Fund
JPS Nuveen Preferred Securities Income Fund
JQC Nuveen Preferred and Convertible Income Fund 2
NPI Nuveen Premium Income Municipal Fund
NPM Nuveen Premium Income Municipal Fund 2
NPT Nuveen Premium Income Municipal Fund 4
NQU Nuveen Quality Income Municipal Fund
JTP Nuveen Quality Preferred Income Fund
JHP Nuveen Quality Preferred Income Fund 3
JRS Nuveen Real Estate Income Fund
NIM Nuveen Select Maturities Municipal Fund
NQS Nuveen Select Quality Municipal Fund
NXP Nuveen Select Tax-Free Income Portfolio
NXQ Nuveen Select Tax-Free Income Portfolio 2
NXR Nuveen Select Tax-Free Income Portfolio 3
NSL Nuveen Senior Income Fund
JTD Nuveen Tax-Advantaged Dividend Growth Fund
JTA Nuveen Tax-Advantaged Total Return Strategy Fund
NTX Nuveen Texas Quality Income Municipal Fund
NPV Nuveen Virginia Premium Income Municipal Fund
TUZ PIMCO 1-3 Year U.S. Treasury Index Fund
PCQ PIMCO CA Municipal Income Fund
PCK PIMCO CA Municipal Income Fund II
PZC PIMCO California Municipal Income Fund III
PCM PIMCO Commercial Mortage Trust
PCN PIMCO Corporate Income Fund
PTY PIMCO Corporate Opportunity Fund
PDVBX PIMCO Diversified Inc B
PGP PIMCO Global StocksPLUS&Income
PHK PIMCO High Income Fund
PKO PIMCO Income Opportunity Fund
PMF PIMCO Municipal Income Fund
PML PIMCO Municipal Income Fund II
PNF PIMCO NY Municipal Income Fund
PNI PIMCO NY Municipal Income Fund II
PMX PIMCO National Municipal Income Fund III
PYN PIMCO New York Municipal Income Fund III
RCS PIMCO Strategic Global Government Fund
AWF PIMCO Strategic Income Fund, Inc.
PEO Petroleum & Resources Corporation
PHD Pioneer Floating Rate Trust
PHT Pioneer High Income Trust
MAV Pioneer Municipal High Income Advantage Trust
MHI Pioneer Municipal High Income Trust
PLW PowerShares 1-30 Treasury Ladder Portfolio
PLK PowerShares Active Low Duration Fund
PMA PowerShares Active Mega Cap Fund
PSR PowerShares Active U.S. Real Estate Fund
PPA PowerShares Aerospace & Defense
PAO PowerShares Autonomic Balanced Growth NFA Global Asset Portfolio
PCA PowerShares Autonomic Balanced NFA Global Asset Portfolio
PTO PowerShares Autonomic Growth NFA Global Asset Portfolio
ADRA PowerShares BLDRS Asia 50 ADR Index Fund
ADRD PowerShares BLDRS Developed Markets 100 ADR Index Fund
ADRE PowerShares BLDRS Emerging Markets 50 ADR Index Fund
ADRU PowerShares BLDRS Europe 100 ADR Index Fund
PKW PowerShares Buyback Achievers ETF
PZD PowerShares Cleantech Portfolio
DAG PowerShares DB Agriculture Double Long ETN
AGA PowerShares DB Agriculture Double Short ETN
DBA PowerShares DB Agriculture ETF
AGF PowerShares DB Agriculture Long ETN
ADZ PowerShares DB Agriculture Short ETN
BDD PowerShares DB Base Metals Double Long ETN
BOM PowerShares DB Base Metals Double Short ETN
BDG PowerShares DB Base Metals Long ETN
BOS PowerShares DB Base Metals Short ETN
DYY PowerShares DB Commodity Double Long ETN
DEE PowerShares DB Commodity Double Short ETN
DPU PowerShares DB Commodity Long ETN
DDP PowerShares DB Commodity Short ETN
DBC PowerShares DB Commodity Tracking ETF
DTO PowerShares DB Crude Oil Double Short ETN
OLO PowerShares DB Crude Oil Long ETN
SZO PowerShares DB Crude Oil Short ETN
DBV PowerShares DB G10 Currency Harvest
DGP PowerShares DB Gold Double Long ETN
DZZ PowerShares DB Gold Double Short ETN
DGL PowerShares DB Gold Fund
DGZ PowerShares DB Gold Short ETN
DBB PowerShares DB Multi-Sector Commodity Trust - PowerShares DB Base Metals Fu
DBE PowerShares DB Multi-Sector Commodity Trust - PowerShares DB Energy Fund
DBO PowerShares DB Oil Fund
DBP PowerShares DB Precious Metals ETF
DBS PowerShares DB Silver Fund
UDN PowerShares DB USD Index Bearish
UUP PowerShares DB USD Index Bullish
PSL PowerShares DWA Consumer Staples Mom ETF
PIZ PowerShares DWA Developed Market Technical Leaders Portfolio
PIE PowerShares DWA Emerging Market Technical Leaders? Portfolio
PDP PowerShares DWA Technical Leaders Portfolio
PEY PowerShares Dividend Achievers
PJB PowerShares Dynamic Banking
PYZ PowerShares Dynamic Basic Materials
PBE PowerShares Dynamic Biotech &Genome
PKB PowerShares Dynamic Build & Construction
PEZ PowerShares Dynamic Consumer Discretionary
PXI PowerShares Dynamic Energy
PXE PowerShares Dynamic Energy E&P
PFI PowerShares Dynamic Financial
PBJ PowerShares Dynamic Food & Beverage
PTH PowerShares Dynamic Heathcare
PRN PowerShares Dynamic Industrials
PIC PowerShares Dynamic Insurance
PWB PowerShares Dynamic LargeCap Growth
PWV PowerShares Dynamic LargeCap Value
PEJ PowerShares Dynamic Leisure & Entertainment Portfolio
PIQ PowerShares Dynamic MagniQuant
PBS PowerShares Dynamic Media
PWJ PowerShares Dynamic Mid Cap Growth
PXQ PowerShares Dynamic Networking
PXJ PowerShares Dynamic Oil Services
PJP PowerShares Dynamic Pharmaceuticals
PMR PowerShares Dynamic Retail
PTF PowerShares Dynamic Technology
PUI PowerShares Dynamic Utilities
PCY PowerShares Emerging Markets Sovereign Debt Portfolio
PAF PowerShares FTSE RAFI Asia Pacific ex-Japan Portfolio
PXF PowerShares FTSE RAFI Developed Markets ex-U.S. Portfolio
PDN PowerShares FTSE RAFI Developed Markets ex-U.S. Small-Mid Portfolio
PXH PowerShares FTSE RAFI Emerging Markets Portfolio
PRFZ PowerShares FTSE RAFI US 1500 Small-Mid Portfolio
PGF PowerShares Financial Preferred
PAGG PowerShares Global Agriculture Portfolio
PBD PowerShares Global Clean Energy Portfolio
PKOL PowerShares Global Coal Portfolio
PXR PowerShares Global Emerging Markets Infrastructure Portfolio
PSAU PowerShares Global Gold and Precious Metals Portfolio
PKN PowerShares Global Nuclear Portfolio
PSTL PowerShares Global Steel Portfolio
PIO PowerShares Global Water Portfolio
PWND PowerShares Global Wind Energy Portfolio
PGJ PowerShares Golden Dragon Halter USX China Portfolio
PHB PowerShares High Yield Corporate Bond Portfolio
PIN PowerShares India Portfolio
PWZ PowerShares Insured CA Municipal Bond Portfolio
PZT PowerShares Insured NY Municipal Bond Portfolio
PZA PowerShares Insured National Municipal Bond Portfolio
PICB PowerShares International Corp Bd ETF
PID PowerShares Intl Dividend Achievers
PSP PowerShares Listed Private Equity
PXN PowerShares Lux Nanotech Portfolio
PMNA PowerShares MENA Frontier Countries Portfolio
PNQI PowerShares NASDAQ Internet ETF
PGX PowerShares Preferred ETF
PBP PowerShares S&P 500 BuyWrite Portfolio
CSD PowerShares S&P Spin-Off ETF
PVI PowerShares VRDO Tax Free Weekly Portfolio
PYH PowerShares Value Line Industry Rotation Portfolio
PHO PowerShares Water Resource Port
PBW PowerShares WilderHill Clean Energy ETF
PUW PowerShares WilderHill Progressive Energy Portfolio
PWC PowerShares XTF: Dynamic Market Portfolio
PWO PowerShares XTF: Dynamic OTC Portfolio
PZI PowerShares Zacks Micro Cap
PRF Powershares FTSE RAFI US 1000 Portfolio
PIC.A Premium Income Ord Shs
PDV Prime Dividend Corp
DOG ProShares Short Dow30
SEF ProShares Short Financials
EFZ ProShares Short MSCI EAFE
EUM ProShares Short MSCI Emerging Markets
MYY ProShares Short MidCap400
DDG ProShares Short Oil & Gas
PSQ ProShares Short QQQ
RWM ProShares Short Russell2000
SH ProShares Short S&P500
SBB ProShares Short SmallCap600
UYM ProShares Ultra Basic Materials
UCO ProShares Ultra Bloomberg Crude Oil
UGE ProShares Ultra Consumer Goods
UCC ProShares Ultra Consumer Services
UCD ProShares Ultra DJ-AIG Commodity
DDM ProShares Ultra Dow30
ULE ProShares Ultra Euro
XPP ProShares Ultra FTSE/Xinhua China 25
UYG ProShares Ultra Financials
UGL ProShares Ultra Gold
RXL ProShares Ultra Health Care
UXI ProShares Ultra Industrials
EFO ProShares Ultra MSCI EAFE
EET ProShares Ultra MSCI Emerging Markets
EZJ ProShares Ultra MSCI Japan
MVV ProShares Ultra MidCap400
DIG ProShares Ultra Oil & Gas
QLD ProShares Ultra QQQ
URE ProShares Ultra Real Estate
UKW ProShares Ultra Russell MidCap Growth
UVU ProShares Ultra Russell MidCap Value
UKF ProShares Ultra Russell1000 Growth
UVG ProShares Ultra Russell1000 Value
UWM ProShares Ultra Russell2000
UKK ProShares Ultra Russell2000 Growth
UVT ProShares Ultra Russell2000 Value
UWC ProShares Ultra Russell3000
SSO ProShares Ultra S&P500
USD ProShares Ultra Semiconductors
AGQ ProShares Ultra Silver
SAA ProShares Ultra SmallCap600
ROM ProShares Ultra Technology
LTL ProShares Ultra Telecommunications ProShares
UPW ProShares Ultra Utilities
YCL ProShares Ultra Yen
SPXU ProShares UltraPro Short S&P500
SMN ProShares UltraShort Basic Materials
SZK ProShares UltraShort Consumer Goods
SCC ProShares UltraShort Consumer Services
CMD ProShares UltraShort DJ-AIG Commodity
SCO ProShares UltraShort DJ-AIG Crude Oil
DXD ProShares UltraShort Dow30
EUO ProShares UltraShort Euro
SKF ProShares UltraShort Financials
GLL ProShares UltraShort Gold
RXD ProShares UltraShort Health Care
SIJ ProShares UltraShort Industrials
TBT ProShares UltraShort Lehman 20+ Year Treasury
PST ProShares UltraShort Lehman 7-10 Year Treasury
EFU ProShares UltraShort MSCI EAFE
EEV ProShares UltraShort MSCI Emerging Markets
EWV ProShares UltraShort MSCI Japan
JPX ProShares UltraShort MSCI Pacific ex-Japan
MZZ ProShares UltraShort MidCap400
DUG ProShares UltraShort Oil & Gas
QID ProShares UltraShort QQQ
SRS ProShares UltraShort Real Estate
SDK ProShares UltraShort Russell MidCap Growth
SJL ProShares UltraShort Russell MidCap Value
SFK ProShares UltraShort Russell1000 Growth
SJF ProShares UltraShort Russell1000 Value
TWM ProShares UltraShort Russell2000
SKK ProShares UltraShort Russell2000 Growth
SJH ProShares UltraShort Russell2000 Value
SDS ProShares UltraShort S&P500
SSG ProShares UltraShort Semiconductors
ZSL ProShares UltraShort Silver
SDD ProShares UltraShort SmallCap600
REW ProShares UltraShort Technology
TLL ProShares UltraShort Telecommunications
SDP ProShares UltraShort Utilities
YCS ProShares UltraShort Yen
FXP ProShares Ultrashort FTSE/Xinhua China
UPRO Proshares UltraPro S&P500 (3X)
BZQ Proshares UltraShort MSCI Brazil
EPV Proshares UltraShort MSCI Europe
SMK Proshares UltraShort MSCI Mexico Investable Market
TWQ Proshares UltraShort Russell 3000
PDVYX Putnam Diversified Income Y
PCF Putnam High Income Securities
PMM Putnam Managed Muncipal Income Trust
PIM Putnam Master Intermediate Income Trust
PMO Putnam Municipal Opportunities Trust
RBS R Split III Corp
RCG RENN Fund, Inc.
BLCN Reality Shares Nasdaq NexGen Economy ETF
UTG Reaves Utility Income Trust
RENN Renaissance Capital Growth and Income Fund III Inc.
RMT Royce OTC Micro-Cap Fund
RVT Royce Value Trust
RSU Rydex 2x S&P 500 ETF
FXA Rydex CurrencyShares Australian Dollar Trust
FXB Rydex CurrencyShares British Pound Sterling Trust
FXC Rydex CurrencyShares Canadian Dollar Trust
FXY Rydex CurrencyShares Japanese Yen Trust
FXS Rydex CurrencyShares Swedish Krona Trust
FXF Rydex CurrencyShares Swiss Franc Trust
RSW Rydex Inverse 2x S&P 500 ETF
XLG Rydex Russell Top 50? ETF
RPG Rydex S&P 500 Pure Growth ETF
RPV Rydex S&P 500 Pure Value ETF
RCD Rydex S&P Equal Weight Consumer Discretionary ETF
RHS Rydex S&P Equal Weight Consumer Staples ETF
RSP Rydex S&P Equal Weight ETF
RYE Rydex S&P Equal Weight Energy ETF
RYF Rydex S&P Equal Weight Financial ETF
RYH Rydex S&P Equal Weight Health Care ETF
RGI Rydex S&P Equal Weight Industrials ETF
RTM Rydex S&P Equal Weight Materials ETF
RYT Rydex S&P Equal Weight Technology ETF
RYU Rydex S&P Equal Weight Utilities ETF
RFG Rydex S&P MidCap 400 Pure Growth ETF
RFV Rydex S&P MidCap 400 Pure Value ETF
RZG Rydex S&P SmallCap 600 Pure Growth ETF
TGR S&P Target Date Retirement Income Index Fund
SLS SL Split Corp
BIL SPDR Barclays Capital 1-3 Month T-Bill ETF
LAG SPDR Barclays Capital Aggregate Bond ETF
CXA SPDR Barclays Capital California Municipal Bond ETF
JNK SPDR Barclays Capital High Yield Bond ETF
ITR SPDR Barclays Capital Intermediate Term Credit Bond ETF
LWC SPDR Barclays Capital Long Term Credit Bond ETF
MBG SPDR Barclays Capital Mortgage Backed Bond ETF
TFI SPDR Barclays Capital Municipal Bond ETF
INY SPDR Barclays Capital New York Municipal Bond ETF
BWZ SPDR Barclays Capital Short Term International Treasury Bond ETF
SHM SPDR Barclays Capital Short Term Municipal Bond ETF
IPE SPDR Barclays Capital TIPS ETF
BWX SPDR Blmbg Barclays Intl Trs Bd ETF
WIP SPDR DB International Government Inflation-Protected Bond ETF
DGT SPDR DJ Global Titans ETF
RWO SPDR Dow Jones Global Real Estate ETF
ELR SPDR Dow Jones Large Cap ETF
EMM SPDR Dow Jones Mid Cap ETF
TMW SPDR Dow Jones Total Market ETF
GII SPDR FTSE/Macquarie Global Infrastructure 100 ETF
GLD SPDR Gold Shares
RWX SPDR Index Shares Funds - SPDR Dow Jones International Real Estate ETF
GWX SPDR Index Shares Funds - SPDR S&P International Small Cap ETF
KCE SPDR KBW Capital Markets ETF
KME SPDR KBW Mortgage Finance ETF
KRE SPDR KBW Regional Banking ETF
MTK SPDR Morgan Stanley Technology ETF
JPP SPDR Russell/Nomura PRIME Japan ETF
SPYD SPDR S&P 500 High Dividend ETF
GMF SPDR S&P Emerging Asia Pacific ETF
GUR SPDR S&P Emerging Europe ETF
GML SPDR S&P Emerging Latin America ETF
GMM SPDR S&P Emerging Markets ETF
EWX SPDR S&P Emerging Markets Small Cap ETF
GAF SPDR S&P Emerging Middle East&Afr ETF
XHB SPDR S&P Homebuilders ETF
KIE SPDR S&P Insurance ETF
IPD SPDR S&P International Consumer Discretionary Sector ETF
IPS SPDR S&P International Consumer Staples Sector ETF
IPW SPDR S&P International Energy Sector ETF
IPF SPDR S&P International Financial Sector ETF
IRY SPDR S&P International HealthC Sect ETF
IPN SPDR S&P International Industrial Sector ETF
IRV SPDR S&P International Materials Sector ETF
MDD SPDR S&P International Mid Cap ETF
IPK SPDR S&P International Technology Sector ETF
IST SPDR S&P International Telecommunications Sector ETF
IPU SPDR S&P International Utilities Sector ETF
XME SPDR S&P Metals and Mining ETF
XES SPDR S&P Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ETF
XOP SPDR S&P Oil & Gas Equipment&Svcs ETF
XSD SPDR S&P Semiconductor ETF
DIA SPDRÂ Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF
SIN.UN Sciti Trust
SGF Singapore Fund
SGL Strategic Global Income Fund
SPU.UN Sustainable Production Energy Trust
TSI TCW Strategic Income Fund Inc.
TWN Taiwan Fund
XLK Technology Select Sector SPDR Fund
EMF Templeton Emerging Markets Fund Inc
TEI Templeton Emerging Markets Income Fund
GIM Templeton Global Income Fund Inc
TRF Templeton Russia & East European Fund
TF Thai Capital Fund
TTF Thai Fund
CHN The China Fund, Inc.
LDF The Latin America Discovery Fund
MHE The Massachuetts Health & Education Tax-Exempt Trust
IRL The New Ireland Fund
XLRE The Real Estate Select Sector SPDR Fund
TCT.UN Top 10 Canadian Financial Trust
TYG Tortoise Energy Infrastructure Corp.
TYN Tortoise North American Energy Corp
TAI Transamerica Income Shares Inc
TRH.UN Triax Diversified High Yield Trust
TKF Turkish Investment Fund
USL United States 12 Month Oil
UGA United States Gasoline Fund LP
UNG United States Natural Gas Fund, LP
USO United States Oil Fund, LP
UF.UN Uranium Focused Energy Fund
URPTF Uranium Participation Corp
XLU Utilities Select Sector SPDR Fund
VKI Van Kampen Advantage Municipal Income Trust
VBF Van Kampen Bond
VCV Van Kampen California Value Municipal Income Trust
VTA Van Kampen Dynamic Credit Opportunities Fund
VLT Van Kampen High Income Trust II
VMO Van Kampen Muni Opp
VKQ Van Kampen Muni Trust
VPV Van Kampen Pennsylvania Value Municipal Income Trust
VVR Van Kampen Senior Inc Tr
VTN Van Kampen Trust for Inv NY Muni
VGM Van Kampen Trust for Investment Grade Municipals
AFK VanEck Vectors Africa ETF
KOL VanEck Vectors ETF Trust - VanEck Vectors Coal ETF
GDX VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF
OIH VanEck Vectors Oil Services ETF
RSX VanEck Vectors Russia ETF
VCR Vanguard Consumer Discretionary ETF
VIG Vanguard Dividend Appreciation ETF
VDE Vanguard Energy ETF
EDV Vanguard Extended Duration Treasury ETF
VXF Vanguard Extended Market ETF
VTI Vanguard FTSE All-Wld ex-US ETF
VSS Vanguard FTSE All-World ex-US Small-Cap Index
VEA Vanguard FTSE Developed Markets ETF
VWO Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets ETF
VGK Vanguard FTSE Europe ETF
VPL Vanguard FTSE Pacific ETF
VFH Vanguard Financials ETF
VUG Vanguard Growth ETF
VYM Vanguard High Dividend Yield ETF
VB Vanguard Index Funds - Vanguard Small-Cap ETF
VGT Vanguard Information Technology ETF
VCIT Vanguard Interm-Tm Corp Bd Idx ETF
BIV Vanguard Intermediate-Term Bond Index Fund
VEU Vanguard International Equity Index Funds - Vanguard FTSE All-World ex-US E
VV Vanguard Large-Cap ETF - DNQ
BLV Vanguard Long-Term Bond ETF
VAW Vanguard Materials ETF
MGK Vanguard Mega Cap 300 Growth
MGC Vanguard Mega Cap ETF
VO Vanguard Mid-Cap ETF
VOE Vanguard Mid-Cap Value ETF - DNQ
VNQ Vanguard Real Estate Index Fund
BSV Vanguard Short-Term Bond ETF
VBK Vanguard Small-Cap Growth ETF - DNQ
VBR Vanguard Small-Cap Value ETF
VOX Vanguard Telecommunication Services ETF
BND Vanguard Total Bond Market ETF
VT Vanguard Total World Stock ETF
VPU Vanguard Utilities ETF
VTV Vanguard Value ETF - DNQ
VDC Vanguard World Fund - Vanguard Consumer Staples ETF
VHT Vanguard World Fund - Vanguard Health Care ETF
VIS Vanguard World Fund - Vanguard Industrials ETF
ZF Virtus Total Return Fund Inc.
EOD Wells Fargo Adv Global Dividend Opport
WFSSX Wells Fargo Advantage Intrns SmCpVal I
ERC Wells Fargo Advantage Multi-Sector Income Fund
WFSTX Wells Fargo Advantage Specialized Tech A
EDF Western Asset Emerging Markets Income Fund II Inc
DWM WisdomTree DEFA Fund
DTH WisdomTree DEFA High-Yielding Equity Fund
BZF WisdomTree Dreyfus Brazilian Real Fund
CYB WisdomTree Dreyfus Chinese Yuan Fund
CEW WisdomTree Dreyfus Emerging Currency Fund
EU WisdomTree Dreyfus Euro Fund
ICN WisdomTree Dreyfus Indian Rupee Fund
JYF WisdomTree Dreyfus Japanese Yen Fund
SZR WisdomTree Dreyfus South African Rand Fund
EPS WisdomTree Earnings 500 Fund
DEM WisdomTree Emerging Markets High Div ETF
DGS WisdomTree Emerging Markets SmCp Div ETF
DEW WisdomTree Europe High-Yielding Equity Fund
DHS WisdomTree High-Yielding Equity Fund
EPI WisdomTree India Earnings Fund
DOO WisdomTree International Dividend Top 100 Fund
DRW WisdomTree International Real Estate Fund
DLS WisdomTree International SmallCp Div ETF
DBU WisdomTree International Utilities Sector Fund
DNL WisdomTree Japan High-Yielding Equity Fund
DFJ WisdomTree Japan SmallCap Fund
DXJ WisdomTree Japan Total Dividend Fund
DLN WisdomTree LargeCap Dividend Fund
ROI WisdomTree LargeCap Growth Fund
EZY WisdomTree Low P/E Fund
GULF WisdomTree Middle East Dividend ETF
DES WisdomTree US SmallCap Dividend ETF
WFS World Financial Split Corp
TDD XShares TDX Independence 2010 ETF
TDH XShares TDX Independence 2020 ETF
TDN XShares TDX Independence 2030 ETF
TDX XShares TDX Independence In-Target ETF
ZTR Zweig Total Return Fund
VXX iPath S&P 500 VIX ST Futures ETN
BWV iPath? CBOE S&P 500 BuyWrite Index ETN
PGM iPath? DJ AIG Platinum Trust Sub-Index ETN
JJA iPath? DJ-AIG Agriculture Total Return Sub-IndexSM ETN
JJC iPath? DJ-AIG Copper Total Return Sub-IndexSM ETN
JJE iPath? DJ-AIG Energy Total Return Sub-IndexSM ETN
JJG iPath? DJ-AIG Grains Total Return Sub-IndexSM ETN
JJM iPath? DJ-AIG Industrial Metals Total Return Sub-IndexSM ETN
GAZ iPath? DJ-AIG Natural Gas Total Return Sub-IndexSM ETN
JJN iPath? DJ-AIG Nickel Total Return Sub-IndexSM ETN
JJU iPath? Dow Jones-AIG Aluminum Total Return Sub-IndexSM ETN
NIB iPath? Dow Jones-AIG Cocoa Total Return Sub-IndexSM ETN
JO iPath? Dow Jones-AIG Coffee Total Return Sub-IndexSM ETN
DJP iPath? Dow Jones-AIG Commodity Idx TR ETN
BAL iPath? Dow Jones-AIG Cotton Total Return Sub-IndexSM ETN
LD iPath? Dow Jones-AIG Lead Total Return Sub-IndexSM ETN
JJP iPath? Dow Jones-AIG Precious Metals Total Return Sub-IndexSM ETN
JJS iPath? Dow Jones-AIG Softs Total Return Sub-IndexSM ETN
SGG iPath? Dow Jones-AIG Sugar Total Return Sub-IndexSM ETN
JJT iPath? Dow Jones-AIG Tin Total Return Sub-IndexSM ETN
ERO iPath? EUR/USD Exchange Rate ETN
GBB iPath? GBP/USD Exchange Rate ETN
GRN iPath? Global Carbon ETN
JYN iPath? JPY/USD Exchange Rate ETN
INP iPath? MSCI India Index ETN
ICI iPath? Optimized Currency Carry ETN
VXZ iPath? S&P 500 VIX Mid-Term Futures? ETN
GSP iPath? S&P GSCI Total Return Index ETN
COW iPath® Bloomberg Livestock Subindex Total Return(SM) ETN
OIL iPath® S&P GSCI® Crude Oil Total Return Index ETN
TLT iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF
IEI iShares 3-7 Year Treasury Bond ETF
CSJ iShares Barclays 1-3 Year Credit Bond Fund
SHY iShares Barclays 1-3 Year Treasury Bond Fund
TLH iShares Barclays 10-20 Year Treasury Bond Fund
IEF iShares Barclays 7-10 Year Treasury Bond Fund
AGZ iShares Barclays Agency Bond Fund
CFT iShares Barclays Credit Bond Fund
GBF iShares Barclays Government/Credit Bond Fund
CIU iShares Barclays Intermediate Credit Bond Fund
GVI iShares Barclays Intermediate Government/Credit Bond Fund
SHV iShares Barclays Short Treasury Bond Fund
FXI iShares China Large-Cap ETF
ICF iShares Cohen & Steers Realty Major
AOR iShares Core Growth Allocation ETF
AOM iShares Core Moderate Allocation ETF
IVV iShares Core S&P 500 ETF
IJH iShares Core S&P Mid-Cap ETF
IJR iShares Core S&P Small-Cap ETF
AGG iShares Core US Aggregate Bond ETF
IDV iShares Dow Jones EPAC Select Dividend
DVY iShares Dow Jones Select Dividend Index Fund
IYT iShares Dow Jones Transportation Average Index Fund
IYM iShares Dow Jones U.S. Basic Materials Index
IAI iShares Dow Jones U.S. Broker-Dealers Index Fund
IYK iShares Dow Jones U.S. Consumer Goods Index Fund
IYC iShares Dow Jones U.S. Consumer Index Fund
IYE iShares Dow Jones U.S. Energy Sector Fund
IYF iShares Dow Jones U.S. Financial Sector Index Fund
IYG iShares Dow Jones U.S. Financial Services Index Fund
IYH iShares Dow Jones U.S. Health Care Index Fund
ITB iShares Dow Jones U.S. Home Construction Index Fund
IYJ iShares Dow Jones U.S. Industrial Sector Index Fund
IAK iShares Dow Jones U.S. Insurance Index Fund
IEZ iShares Dow Jones U.S. Oil Equipment & Services Index Fund
IHE iShares Dow Jones U.S. Pharmaceutical Index Fund
IYR iShares Dow Jones U.S. Real Estate Index Fund
IAT iShares Dow Jones U.S. Regional Banks Index Fund
IYW iShares Dow Jones U.S. Technology Index Fund
IYZ iShares Dow Jones U.S. Telecommunications Index Fund
IYY iShares Dow Jones U.S. Total Market Index Fund
IDU iShares Dow Jones U.S. Utilities Index Fund
FCHI iShares FTSE China (HK Listed) Index Fund
IFSM iShares FTSE Developed Small Cap ex-North America Index Fund
IFAS iShares FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Asia Index Fund
IFEU iShares FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Europe Index Fund
IFGL iShares FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Global Real Estate ex-U.S. Index Fund
IFNA iShares FTSE EPRA/NAREIT North America Index Fund
FIO iShares FTSE NAREIT Industrial/Office Index Fund
REM iShares FTSE NAREIT Mortgage REITs Index Fund
FTY iShares FTSE NAREIT Real Estate 50 Index Fund
RTL iShares FTSE NAREIT Retail Index Fund
LQD iShares GS $ InvesTopTM Corporate Bond Fund
ICLN iShares Global Clean Energy ETF
KXI iShares Global Consumer Staples ETF
IXC iShares Global Energy ETF
IXJ iShares Global Healthcare ETF
IGF iShares Global Infrastructure ETF
WOOD iShares Global Timber & Forestry ETF
JXI iShares Global Utilities ETF
IAU iShares Gold Trust
IGE iShares Goldman Sachs Natural Resources Index Fund
IGN iShares Goldman Sachs Network Index Fund
IGV iShares Goldman Sachs Software Index Fund
IGM iShares Goldman Sachs Technology Index Fund
EMB iShares JP Morgan Em Bond Fd
DSI iShares KLD 400 Social Index Fund
KLD iShares KLD Select Social Index Fund
ILF iShares Latin America 40 Index Fund
ACWI iShares MSCI ACWI (All Country World Index) Index Fund
AAXJ iShares MSCI All Country Asia ex Japan Index Fund
EPU iShares MSCI All Peru Capped Index Fund
EWA iShares MSCI Australia Index Fund
EWO iShares MSCI Austria Index Fund
BKF iShares MSCI BRIC Index Fund
EWK iShares MSCI Belgium Index Fund
EWZ iShares MSCI Brazil Index Fund
EWC iShares MSCI Canada Index Fund
ECH iShares MSCI Chile Index Fund
SCZ iShares MSCI EAFE Small Cap
EEM iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF
EZU iShares MSCI Eurozone ETF
EWQ iShares MSCI France ETF
EWG iShares MSCI Germany Index Fund
PICK iShares MSCI Glbl Metals & Mining Prdcrs
EFG iShares MSCI Growth Index Fund
EWH iShares MSCI Hong Kong Index Fund
EIS iShares MSCI Israel Capped Investable Market Index Fund
EWI iShares MSCI Italy Index Fund
EWJ iShares MSCI Japan Index Fund
SCJ iShares MSCI Japan Sm Cap
TOK iShares MSCI Kokusai
EWM iShares MSCI Malaysia Index Fund
EWW iShares MSCI Mexico Index Fund
EWN iShares MSCI Netherlands Index Fund
EPP iShares MSCI Pacific Ex-Japan Index Fund
EWS iShares MSCI Singapore Index Fund
EZA iShares MSCI South Africa Index Fund
EWY iShares MSCI South Korea Capped ETF
EWP iShares MSCI Spain Index Fund
EWD iShares MSCI Sweden Index Fund
EWL iShares MSCI Switzerland Index Fund
EWT iShares MSCI Taiwan Index Fund
THD iShares MSCI Thailand Investable Market Index Fund
TUR iShares MSCI Turkey Investable Market Index Fund
EWU iShares MSCI United Kingdom Index Fund
IWC iShares Micro-Cap ETF
JKD iShares Morningstar Large Core Index Fund
JKE iShares Morningstar Large Growth Index Fund
JKH iShares Morningstar Mid Growth Index Fund
NYC iShares NYSE Composite Index Fund
IBB iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology ETF
REZ iShares Residential Real Estate Capd ETF
IWF iShares Russell 1000 Growth
IWM iShares Russell 2000 ETF
IWO iShares Russell 2000 Growth
IWN iShares Russell 2000 Value
IWV iShares Russell 3000
IWZ iShares Russell 3000 Growth
IWW iShares Russell 3000 Value
IWP iShares Russell Midcap Growth Index
IWR iShares Russell Midcap Index Fund
OEF iShares S&P 100 Index Fund
AOA iShares S&P Aggressive Allocation Fund
AIA iShares S&P Asia 50
CMF iShares S&P Cali Muni Bond
AOK iShares S&P Conservative Allocation Fund
IEV iShares S&P Europe 350 Index Fund
GSG iShares S&P GSCI Commodity-Indexed Trust
IOO iShares S&P Global 100 Index Fund
RXI iShares S&P Global Consumer Discretionary Sector Index Fund
IXG iShares S&P Global Financial Index Fund
EXI iShares S&P Global Industrials Sector Index Fund
MXI iShares S&P Global Materials Sector Index Fund
NUCL iShares S&P Global Nuclear Energy Index Fund
IXN iShares S&P Global Technology Index Fund
IXP iShares S&P Global Telecommunications Index Fund
IJK iShares S&P MidCap 400 Growth Index Fund
IJJ iShares S&P MidCap 400 Value Index Fund
NYF iShares S&P NY Muni
MUB iShares S&P National Municipal Bond Fund
IJT iShares S&P SmallCap 600 Growth Index Fund
IJS iShares S&P SmallCap 600 Values Index Fund
TZD iShares S&P Target Date 2010 Index Fund
TZE iShares S&P Target Date 2015 Index Fund
TZG iShares S&P Target Date 2020 Index Fund
TZI iShares S&P Target Date 2025 Index Fund
TZL iShares S&P Target Date 2030 Index Fund
TZO iShares S&P Target Date 2035 Index Fund
TZV iShares S&P Target Date 2040 Index Fund
PFF iShares S&P US Preferred Stock Fund
WPS iShares S&P World ex-US Property
ISHG iShares S&P/Citigroup 1-3 Year International Treasury Bond Fund
IGOV iShares S&P/Citigroup International Treasury Fund
ITF iShares S&P/TOPIX 150 Index Fund
SLV iShares Silver Trust
TIP iShares TIPS Bond ETF
ITA iShares US Aerospace & Defense ETF
IHF iShares US Healthcare Providers ETF
IHI iShares US Medical Devices ETF
IEO iShares US Oil & Gas Explor & Prod ETF
HYG iShares iBoxx $ HY Corp Bond Fund
TDV null

What ETF types or categories are available?

  • US Equity ETF
    All constituents trade on a US exchange.
  • Global Equity ETF
    One or more of the constituents do not trade on a US Exchange.
  • Fixed Income ETF
    The constituent list contains government and / or corporate debt instruments.
  • Commodity Based ETF
    This classification of ETF has no constituents but is structured to reflect the valuation of a commodity such as gold, silver, oil or interest rates.
  • Exchange Traded Notes
    A type of unsecured, unsubordinated debt security that was first issued by Barclays Bank PLC. The purpose of ETNs is to create a type of security that combines both the aspects of bonds and exchange traded funds (ETF). Similar to ETFs, ETNs are traded on a major exchange.
  • Closed End Fund
    While often very similar in structure and trading to many ETFs, these funds (sometimes referred to as Closed End ETFs) are considered traditional mutual funds but with a fixed number of outstanding shares.

Interest in ETFs has soared in recent years, and the ETF industry has responded by creating new funds. In fact, it is hard to find an industry or market segment that is not represented by one or more ETFs. Observing ETF price trends and comparing returns over shorter and longer time frames, you can see which market segments are rotating into, or out of, favor.

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