Ethiopia's Nobel Prize-Winning Leader Faces Election

WSJ World - 5min

The country of 110 million people headed to the polls in turmoil, with a civil war raging in the northern province of Tigray and ethnic uprisings elsewhere reverberating across the strategic Horn of Africa region.

As U.S. Economy Rebounds From Covid, Foreign Investors Rush In

WSJ World - 2hr

The extraordinary recovery of the U.S. economy is set to make the country the world’s top destination for overseas investment this year and next, with foreign businesses drawn by the prospect of a rapid and sustained rebound in consumer spending.

Tokyo Olympics to Allow Spectators at Summer Games

WSJ World - 3hr

The Summer Olympics in Tokyo will include up to 10,000 Japanese spectators at each event, organizers said, despite advice by leading doctors that the Games would be safer without crowds.

Hong Kong's Apple Daily Considers Closing Unless Government Releases Funds

WSJ World - 3hr

A shutdown of Jimmy Lai’s pro-democracy newspaper would mark the biggest blow to press freedom in the city since Beijing imposed a national-security law last year.

Taliban Advances Test Afghan Forces' Morale as the U.S. Leaves

WSJ World - 17hr

Afghan battlefield setbacks in recent weeks are beginning to create a perception of inevitability about a Taliban takeover that risks snowballing into a self-fulfilling prophecy, Afghan officials warn.

Iran's New Hard-Line President Poised for Pivotal Role in Nuclear Talks

WSJ World - 17hr

While Ebrahim Raisi is expected to agree to reimposing constraints on Iran’s nuclear program, he is seen as a more confrontational adversary to the West than his predecessor, current President Hassan Rouhani.