Dunkin' Brands in Talks to Be Acquired by Arby's Parent

WSJ USBusiness - 28m

The parent of Dunkin’ and Baskin-Robbins said it has held early talks to go private in an acquisition by Inspire Brands, whose portfolio includes Arby’s, Buffalo Wild Wings and Jimmy John’s chains.

China to Sanction U.S. Arms Makers Over Sales to Taiwan

WSJ USBusiness - 56m

China said it will sanction three American defense contractors over proposed arms sales to Taiwan, retaliating against U.S. efforts to deepen security ties with the island democracy that Beijing claims as its territory.

Can Gap Escape the Whirlwind? New CEO Confronts Years of Decline

WSJ USBusiness - 1h

Sonia Syngal must defy the vortex consuming companies that weren’t prepared for the Covid crisis. She is plotting a future of fewer stores and more fashion risks to revive the company’s namesake brand.

Robert Murray, Stubborn U.S. Coal Titan, Dies at Age 80

WSJ USBusiness - 2h

Robert E. Murray, who used an aggressive acquisition strategy to build Murray Energy into a coal-mining giant even as falling prices drove rivals out of business, died Sunday.

SAP Profit Warning Sends Shares Plummeting

WSJ USBusiness - 2h

Shares in Europe’s biggest tech company plunged after it scrapped its profit targets for the year and said measures to thwart a rebound in coronavirus infections would weigh on business through the middle of next year.

Facebook Moves Into Cloud Gaming

WSJ USBusiness - 3h

The social-media company’s free-to-play model differs from the paid, subscription cloud-gaming services of rivals such as Google and Microsoft.

Hospitals Balance Covid-19 Care With More-Lucrative Services During Latest Virus Surge

WSJ USBusiness - 3h

Hospitals are holding off as long as possible before halting procedures to make room for fresh waves of Covid-19 patients, a reversal from earlier this year when facilities postponed care, leading to steep financial losses and public-health risks.

Return of Big Las Vegas Shows Proves to Be a High-Wire Act

WSJ USBusiness - 3h

The cabaret-variety show “Absinthe” aims to reopen this week, making it one of the first shows seeking to return to the Las Vegas Strip, in a test of whether freewheeling entertainment can conform to pandemic rules and still turn a profit.

Firms Use Business-School Recruiting Tools to Diversify

WSJ USBusiness - 4h

Companies are recruiting more business students at historically Black colleges and universities this year in an attempt to diversify their talent pipelines.

Auto Makers Shift Hydrogen Focus to Big Rigs

WSJ USBusiness - 4h

Auto makers have spent decades developing hydrogen fuel cells as a green alternative for cars with little to show for it. Now, they are shifting their attention to the trucking industry.

Bayer to Buy Gene-Therapy Firm AskBio for Up to $4 Billion

WSJ USBusiness - 9h

Bayer intends to acquire U.S.-based Asklepios BioPharmaceutical to strengthen the German company’s drugmaking arm, as Bayer continues to reel from its acquisition of crops giant Monsanto.

Coca-Cola Backs Away From Bottling in Australia as Deal Bubbles to Sell Stake

WSJ USBusiness - 9h

Coca-Cola agreed in principle to sell its stake in its Australian bottler to one of its European affiliates, its latest move to reduce exposure to costly bottling operations and focus on the more lucrative concentrate-making business.

China Trade War Didn't Boost U.S. Manufacturing Might

WSJ USBusiness - 21h

Hundreds of billions of dollars in tariffs on Chinese goods imposed by the Trump administration didn’t achieve the central objective of reversing a U.S. decline in manufacturing, economic data shows.

Economy Week Ahead: GDP, Central Banks, Factories

WSJ USBusiness - 22h

U.S. gross domestic product figures for the third quarter highlight a busy week for economic data from around the globe.

Facebook Prepares Measures in Case of Election Unrest

WSJ USBusiness - 22h

The emergency measures, originally designed for countries facing mass ethnic or political bloodshed, include slowing the spread of viral content and lowering the bar for suppressing potentially inflammatory posts.

Business on Biden: Not So Bad, Given the Alternatives

WSJ USBusiness - 24h

Many executives see the Democratic nominee as less adversarial than Sanders or Warren, and less unpredictable than Trump. Yet political attitudes vary considerably by industry and type of business.

A Global Rebound Could Be Determined by How Freely Households Spend

WSJ USBusiness - yesterday

If consumers open their wallets, that could unleash a wave of pent-up demand that spurs strong growth. But if they hold back, they would initially restrain the economic recovery.

U.S. Economic Activity Picks Up While Europe's Stalls

WSJ USBusiness - 3d

Economic activity in the U.S. grew at the fastest pace in more than a year and a half as businesses anticipated greater demand, an easing of coronavirus-related restrictions and less uncertainty following November’s election. The picture in Europe differed.

Officials Call for Stimulus to Forestall Lackluster U.S. Economic Recovery

WSJ USBusiness - 3d

Fed officials and other policy makers in Washington are increasingly worried that delaying further aid for the U.S. economy will lead to a rerun of the slow recovery that followed the 2008 downturn.