China Is Only Major Economy to Report 2020 Growth

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China’s economy expanded by 2.3% in 2020, roaring back from a historic contraction in the early months of the year to become the only major world economy to grow in what was a pandemic-ravaged year.

Keystone XL Oil Project Pledges Zero Carbon Emissions

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The controversial pipeline project would be powered by renewable energy and built by union labor in a series of planned overhauls to avoid being axed by the Biden administration.

NASA's Delayed Deep-Space Rocket Suffers Test Failure on the Ground

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The engines for a giant new rocket shut down prematurely during a key test on the ground, a potentially major setback for the space ambitions of NASA and Boeing, its prime contractor.

Economy Week Ahead: China GDP, Housing, Central Banks

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Most of the world expects economic data on tap to reflect the impact of the latest Covid-19 surge—with China on its own path.

Covid-19's Blow to Business Travel Is Expected to Last for Years

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The lasting decline in corporate trips and conferences is projected to curtail related jobs and commerce for years.

Social-Media Algorithms Rule How We See the World. That Needs to Change.

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We’re still at the mercy of the algorithms. That needs to change, and it’s up to social-media companies to change it, writes columnist Joanna Stern.

China's Economic Recovery Belies a Lingering Productivity Challenge

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A surge in state investments has helped lift the Chinese economy from the effects of Covid-19 but likely has worsened one of its deepest weaknesses: low productivity.

Latest Covid-19 Lockdown Slams U.K. Business Owners

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Britain’s shifting rules aimed at containing the pandemic are making it difficult for restaurants and other firms to make basic plans about inventory and staffing.

Fiat Chrysler, PSA Group Merge to Create New Auto-Making Behemoth

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The newly formed auto maker, called Stellantis, is set to start trading on Monday in Europe and on Tuesday in New York.

Discord App Is Safer Now, but Still Lacks Parental Controls

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A social-media platform popular with gamers is taking steps to police violent and abusive content—and evolve from a content free-for-all into a space where teens and their parents can feel safe.

Groceries Prove a Pandemic Bright Spot for BP and Shell

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Oil majors bet offering more fresh food and services at gas-station stores can help offset declining oil income.

Boeing's Other Big Problem: Fixing Its Space Program

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The last liftoff of the Starliner spacecraft was supposed to be a decisive win. Instead, it showed that Boeing’s engineering and management issues went beyond its 737 MAX planes. Can the company redeem itself with its next launch?

Are Videogames the Future of Remote Work?

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One day soon, you may hear a colleague say those ominous words: “The boss would like to see you in her castle.”

Who Taught Wharton's Business School Dean Some Important Life Lessons

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Advisers helped guide Erika James through the hallways of academia to one of the most prestigious posts in the Ivy League.

FAA Approves Fully Automated Commercial Drone Flights

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Massachusetts-based American Robotics was granted permission to operate drones without hands-on piloting or direct observation by human controllers or observers.

WhatsApp Delays Rollout of New Privacy Policy After Backlash

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The Facebook-owned messaging service acknowledged confusion among its users over changes in the handling of data.

Biden Covid-19 Relief Plan Aims to Ease Poverty

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The president-elect’s $1.9 trillion proposal would help low-income families while also advancing Democratic priorities.

France Blocks Sale of Carrefour to Canada's Couche-Tard

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The French finance minister told the Canadian retailer’s chairman that the nearly $20 billion deal would threaten jobs and France’s food security amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Best of CES 2021: Gadgets From the All-Digital Tech Show

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Dishwashing robots? Rollable phones? The trade show’s wonders weren’t displayed in Las Vegas as usual this year, but here are the virtual event’s highlights.