Google's Secret 'Project Bernanke' Revealed in Texas Antitrust Case

WSJ USBusiness - 5hr

The program used past bid data to boost the tech company’s win rate in advertising auctions, according to a court filing.

Battery-Making Rivals to Settle Trade Rift That Threatened Georgia Plant

WSJ USBusiness - 8hr

SK Innovation and LG Chem have agreed to settle a trade-secret dispute that had threatened a $2.6 billion factory SKI is building in Georgia set to supply Ford and Volkswagen with electric-vehicle batteries.

Alden Clashes With Billionaire Over Future of Tribune

WSJ USBusiness - 9hr

Alden Global was on verge of expanding its newspaper empire with a bid for Tribune Publishing when Maryland hotel magnate Stewart Bainum turned the tables on the New York financiers.

Amazon Vote Deals Blow to Expanding Labor Union Membership

WSJ USBusiness - 19hr

Unionization rates are trending down in the private sector, despite an increased focus in Washington.

What to Expect When Dining Out

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More and more restaurants are reopening, with masks, long waits and higher prices now part of the dining-out experience as the coronavirus keeps circulating.

Alibaba Hit With Record $2.8 Billion Antitrust Fine in China

WSJ USBusiness - 24hr

In recent months, the business empire of Alibaba founder Jack Ma has come under increasing regulatory scrutiny.

As Apple and Facebook Clash Over Ads, Mom-and-Pop Shops Fear They'll Be the Victims

WSJ USBusiness - 1d

If Apple is King Kong and Facebook is Godzilla, mom-and-pop online merchants are worried they’re the screaming, scattering citizens who are about to get stomped as these two giants battle it out.

For CEOs, the New Business of Business Is...Politics

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Engaging on social issues is now part of the CEO job description, but it’s a treacherous path.

Boeing 737 MAX Faces Fresh Inspections

WSJ USBusiness - 1d

A potential electrical fault has prompted airlines to pull aircraft from their schedules.

Aramco Strikes $12.4 Billion Oil Pipeline Deal With EIG-Led Group

WSJ USBusiness - 1d

The move represents another far-reaching attempt to monetize Saudi Arabia’s prodigious oil assets—once considered so strategic that even a minority stake sale seemed far-fetched.

Biden Seeks More Money for Education, Health in Spending Plan

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President Biden will ask Congress to approve $1.52 trillion in discretionary federal spending next year, including increased outlays on education, healthcare, research and renewable energy, part of a concerted effort to boost nondefense spending as a share of the economy.

Facebook Algorithm Shows Gender Bias in Job Ads, Study Finds

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Researchers found Facebook systems were more likely to present certain job ads to users if their gender identity reflected the concentration of that gender in a particular position or industry.

White House to Push Infrastructure Plan at Chip Meeting

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Ford, General Motors and Intel are among companies slated to meet with National security adviser Jake Sullivan and other U.S. officials on Monday amid a chip shortage that is hampering manufacturers.

Where Can You Find a New Job? Try These U.S. Cities

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Hubs located far from the coasts emerged as beacons to job seekers and businesses during the pandemic.

The Latest Workplace Perk: Cash Bonuses for Taking Vacations

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Some companies are using drastic measures to push employees to use their time off that has accrued during the pandemic.

Shoppers Are About to Realize Just How Messed Up Shipping Has Become

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Port congestion issues are bad news for Americans eager to upgrade their wardrobes. But retailers may end up benefiting—at least a little.

Powell Calls for Faster Global Vaccination

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The sluggish progress of Covid-19 vaccination outside the U.S. is a key threat to the economic outlook, said Fed Chairman Jerome Powell.

Biden Urges Broad View of Infrastructure in $2.3 Trillion Plan

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Seeking to build support for his proposal, the president argues that investing in areas like broadband, electric vehicles and elderly care is critical to the U.S. workforce and the nation’s global competitiveness.