Stocks Rebound as Dow Opens Higher

WSJ Markets - 6min

Investors sent funds back into stocks as they assessed the prospect of higher economic growth and inflation in the short term and rising interest rates in the future.

Raven Industries, Torchlight Energy, Bitcoin, Riot Blockchain: What to Watch When the Stock Market Opens Today

WSJ Markets - 34min

Futures are rising after a tumultuous morning.

Long-Dated Treasurys Win Favor on Receding Inflation Bets

WSJ Markets - 50min

Investors are rushing into longer-dated Treasurys in a bet that the Federal Reserve will act more quickly against inflation, leading to slower growth and lower interest rates in the longer term.

What Investors Can Learn From The History of Inflation

WSJ Markets - 3hr

Price spikes post-World War II and the 1970s show how inflation can dominate stock market returns.

Universal Isn't the Only Track on Investors' Vivendi Playlist

WSJ Markets - 4hr

Activist hedge funds face a potential tax bill when the world’s biggest record label is demerged from its French owner. But there are other ways to profit.

Climate Fight Brews as SEC Moves Toward Mandate for Risk Disclosure

WSJ Markets - 4hr

The Securities and Exchange Commission is preparing to require public companies to disclose more information about how they respond to threats linked to climate change—and businesses are gearing up for a fight.

Chinese Junk Bonds Flash Warning Signs

WSJ Markets - 4hr

Yields on Chinese junk bonds have jumped to levels last hit during the tail end of last year’s market turbulence, signaling growing investor concern about defaults.

Deutsche Bank Jumps Back Into Payments With Fiserv Deal

WSJ Markets - 5hr

Germany’s largest lender wants to get back into the suddenly valuable business of digital payments, nearly a decade after getting out of it.

Breaking Up Japan Inc.'s Love Affair With Itself

WSJ Markets - 6hr

Japanese companies are divesting themselves from each other at a quickening pace—a development shareholders should cheer.

'To The Moon,' Part 5: The Comedown

WSJ Markets - 23hr

On our final episode, we follow the GameStop rocket ship as it returns to Earth, and we learn how the traders who poured their money into the stock fared—and why they don’t want to quit trading.

Facebook, Alphabet Keep Rising; Apple, Netflix Fade

WSJ Markets - 1d

The so-called FAANG stocks and their lofty valuations are being reconsidered by investors after their synchronized rise last year amid the pandemic.

Natural-Gas Prices Are Rising With Temperatures

WSJ Markets - 1d

Demand for the electricity-generating fuel is high as power plants prepare for the kind of air-conditioning use that comes with a hot summer.

The New Test for Central Bankers' Cool: Booming House Prices

WSJ Markets - 1d

With consumer prices rising sharply, central bankers are having to work hard to resist the temptation to raise interest rates. A real-estate boom could make the job even tougher.

Meet the ETF Portfolio Managers Trying Their Luck With Meme Stocks

WSJ Markets - 1d

A few actively managed ETFs are dabbling in meme stocks, gambling on their ability to get out in time once the rally eventually fizzles. But the strategy has its risks.

For Many Home Buyers, a 5% Down Payment Isn't Enough

WSJ Markets - 2d

Half of existing-home buyers in April who used mortgages put at least 20% down. That is locking many first-time buyers and lower-income families out of homeownership.

Investor, Trader, Speculator: Which One Are You?

WSJ Markets - 2d

Understanding the difference between speculation and investing is essential to avoiding reckless risk.

European Union Lifts Bond-Sale Ban on Banks

WSJ Markets - 2d

JPMorgan, Citigroup, Bank of America and Barclays are among penalized banks that are now cleared to work on future EU bond sales.

Dow Drops More Than 500 Points

WSJ Markets - 2d

The Dow Jones Industrial Average had its worst week since October, falling more than 3%, as Fed policy makers signaled this week that they expect to raise interest rates sooner than anticipated.

Avalanche of Options Trades Fuels Market Pullback

WSJ Markets - 2d

One measure of trading activity has reached its second-highest level on record.

Consolidation May Be Coming to a Screen Near You

WSJ Markets - 2d

Meme cash lets AMC go ‘on the offensive’ while other chains are shopping, but the final impact is unclear.