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Stock Analyzer Tutorials

S2O Stock Analyzer - General Info

General Info

type: video (mp4); length: 3:30

Demonstrates how to use Stock Analyzer, shows how to analyze a stock and explains in detail "General Info" section of the Stock Analyzer result page.

S2O Stock Analyzer - Financial Statements

Financial Statements

type: video (mp4); length: 5:10

Explains information presented in the Financial Statements section of the S2O Stock Analyzer: financial statements charts, absolute values and growth rates.

S2O Stock Analyzer - Growth Grade and Financial Ratios

Growth Grade and Financial Ratios

type: video (mp4); length: 5:09

Demonstrates how to use Growth Grade & Financial Ratios section; shows the difference between historical and year-over-year Growth Grade on the real life example.

S2O Stock Analyzer - Value Price

Value Price

type: video (mp4); length: 6:03

Demonstrates how to use Value Price (intrinsic value) and the Graham Number, MOS (margin of safety) and IRT - Investment Recovery Time; explains 3 different projection models used to compute value price - pessimistic, moderate and optimistic.

S2O Stock Analyzer - Price Charts

Price Charts

type: video (mp4); length: 8:34

Demonstrates basic rules of how to read a candlestick chart, long and short term moving averages, stochastic, MACD and relative strength (RS) charts. Explains how bull or bear market condition is computed.

General Info

AmTrust Financial Services, Inc. provides property and casualty insurance in the United States and internationally. The company operates in three segments: Small Commercial Business, Specialty Risk and Extended Warranty, and Specialty Program. The Small Commercial Business segment offers workers' compensation insurance products; and commercial package, and other property and casualty insurance products, such as commercial property, general liability, inland marine, employment practices liability, commercial automobile, and umbrella coverage to small businesses. The Specialty Risk and Extended Warranty segment provides custom designed coverages, such as accidental damage plans, mechanical breakdown protection, and payment protection plans in connection with the sale of consumer and commercial goods; and coverage for niche property, casualty, and specialty liability risks comprising general liability, employers' liability, and professional and medical liability. The Specialty Program segment offers workers' compensation, general liability, commercial auto liability, property coverage, excess and surplus lines programs, and other specialty commercial property and casualty insurance products to small and middle market companies. The company also provides reinsurance services primarily for personal and commercial automotive business. It distributes its policies third-party brokers, agents, retailers, or administrators. AmTrust Financial Services, Inc. was founded in 1998 and is based in New York, New York. As of November 29, 2018, AmTrust Financial Services, Inc. was taken private.

Financial Statements

The charts below show selected Annual and Quarterly Financial Data.

The purpose of these charts is to discover long and short term change dynamics. When numbers are growing year after year in the annual statements chart, the business become stronger and stronger and this is a good sign.

Quarterly Data Chart can be used to do a short term analysis. It makes sense to pay attention to the quarterly dynamics and do not wait for the next yearly statement. We should be alerted if we see that quarterly numbers are going down.

You can check "Annual Financial Statements" and "Quarterly Financial Statements" sections for exact numbers and growth rates.

There is no data presented at this time.

Annual Statements

There is no data presented at this time.

Quarterly Statements

Item Name Jun '15 Sep '15 Dec '15 Mar '16
Earnings BIT 81.16
growth rate 105.6% -41.3% 37.8%
Balance Sheet Jun '15 Sep '15 Dec '15 Mar '16
Acct.Payable 2,121.18
growth rate 9.1% -25.2% 29.0%
Cur.Assets 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
growth rate
Total Assets 15,966.95
growth rate 6.2% 0.9% 7.3%
Cash 1,094.91
growth rate 6.7% 12.4% 3.5%
Inventory 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
growth rate
Cur.Liabilities 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
growth rate
Liabilities 13,497.09
growth rate 6.2% -0.9% 7.1%
LT Debt 1,759.27
growth rate 3.3% -4.6% 6.4%
Equity 2,469.86
growth rate 6.2% 10.9% 8.1%
Cash Flow Statement Jun '15 Sep '15 Dec '15 Mar '16
Capital Expenditures 22.48
growth rate 149.3% 19.7% -61.8%
Cash From OA -11.71
growth rate 100.0% 23.7% 54.0%
Sale Purchase of Stock -2.29
growth rate 100.0% 17,625.5% -61.1%
FCF -34.19
growth rate 100.0% 24.4% 74.4%
Income Statement Jun '15 Sep '15 Dec '15 Mar '16
Sales 1,110.35
growth rate 10.8% -1.5% 5.3%
Op.Income 76.69
growth rate 134.1% -60.8% 52.6%
Net Income 79.39
growth rate 141.2% -62.1% 50.1%
Gross Profit 233.16
growth rate 12.4% -8.5% 23.5%
R&D 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
growth rate

Growth Grade & Financial Ratios

All financial ratios below are calculated based on latest annual statements available and present the most up to date snapshot of a company finances.

Growth Grade

Historical Growth Grade:

F (0.00)

YOY Growth Grade:

F (0.00)

Click on buttons above for detailed yearly growth rates.

Market Ratios

Profitability Ratios

Liquidity Ratios

Efficiency Ratios

Value Price

PE and EPS

Historical Current Forward
PE 0.00 17.96
EPS / Growth 0.98

Value Price & Investment Recovery Time

Read more about Stock2Own value price in Stock Market: Fundamental Analysis.

Equity Growth Rate:

Estimates Pessimistic Moderate Optimistic My Numbers
Rate of Return 15.0%
MOS Price % 50 %
Future EPS Growth 0.0% 0.0% 0.0%
Future PE 0.00 0.00 0.00
Future EPS 0.98 0.98 0.98
Value Price
MOS Price 0.00 0.00 0.00
IRT 17.96 17.96 17.96

Graham Number:

NOTE: The Graham Number applies only to certain types of stocks in combination with a number of other criteria.

Read more about Graham Number in Stock Market: Fundamental Analysis.

Price Chart

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Risk / Reward Ratios

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