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Since we believe that every investor has own specific goals, unique preferences and risk tolerance, we offer personalized Watch Lists, where registered stock2own user can maintain her own lists of securities with current price and technical indicator alert for each security.
Value Price
S2O Stock Analyzer calculates Value Price or Intrinsic Value of a stock, using Pessimistic, Moderate and Optimistic projections. In order to calculate Value Price stock2own uses the formula developed by Benjamin Graham and David Dodd and described in their famous "value investing" methodology.
Technical Indicators
Get price charts for any given stock: stock price, moving averages, stochastics, RSI, MACD and more... You can also see self-explainable Technical Indicator Alert for each chart as well as cumulative alert, which incorporate all shown technical indicators. Alert values are as simple as "Buy", "Hold" or "Stay Away" words.
Watch Lists
Watch List allows you to keep all your stocks (currently own or potential targets) in one place, monitor their prices and make a quick comparison. All basic fundamental and technical data is available for each stock in your Watch List.
Market Gauges
The most regularly quoted market indices are often used as a Market Gauge. In stock2own we love to have more than just one view at the same thing. Therefore we are adding not so commonly used indicators of the market health like Advance-Decline Line. And the idea of using them is simple: if you see all indicators agree with each other – perfect; otherwise be alerted.
Stock Screener
Stock Screener helps to filter stocks by many fundamental and technical attributes. It allows to generate a list of stocks of a particular interest. For example, value investors are usually looking for an underpriced business with a strong fundamentals; technical investors usually focused on technical characteristics, rather than on fundamental numbers. Both of those needs as well as many other combinations may be satisfied by S2O Stock Screener.