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Since we believe that every investor has its own goals, unique preferences and risk tolerance, we offer personalized Watch Lists, where registered stock2own user can maintain her own lists of securities with current price and technical indicator alert for each security. Well-organized context menu provides quick access to external links to minimize research time.
Stock Analyzer
Stock Analyzer allows to see results for one stock at a time. It gives complete outlook of a stock, including annual and quarterly data, growth analysis, intrinsic value estimates and major technical charts such as moving averages, stochastic, MACD and RSI.
Stock Screener
Stock Screener helps to filter stocks by many fundamental and technical attributes. It allows to generate a list of stocks of a particular interest. For example, value investors are usually looking for an underpriced business with a strong fundamentals; technical investors usually focused on technical characteristics, rather than on fundamental numbers. Both of those needs as well as many other combinations may be satisfied by S2O Stock Screener.