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Search Plugin
posted 13y by fsmontenegro

This site is great, thanks!

One suggestion: creating a search plugin that we can plug into the browser's search engine list. This way, we could, for example, highlight a stock ticker whil...

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Watch list
posted 13y by makemoney
First of all--great job!!! You are without a doubt a genious.

Is there any way to be able to change the sticker price or MOS on the watch list manually if we don't agree with the numbers? I wa...

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Stock Screener
posted 13y by justincredible
I like that you will soon be adding a Stock Watch feature to the site....very cool. One additional feature that would drive more traffic to the site is if you had a stock screener. That way peopl...

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Estimated Growth Rates
posted 13y by justincredible
Hey, I absolutely love the site! I have been doing all of these calculations for stocks in excel ever since reading Rule #1 a few weeks ago. It has been very time consuming and this site should s...

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