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CA:POT:TOR split 3:1 on Monday. TIs are not yet adjusted.
posted 10y by beastofbodmin
Hi Alex,
The TI charts for CA:POT:TOR need to be adjusted for the 3:1 split.

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posted 10y by michealtan1982
Hi all,
Recently I have attended ChartNexus Technical Analysis course. I find the course is very useful and equipped me with useful TA knowledge that I can apply in the market. There is free downl...

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Set Default Values
posted 10y by creon
Hi Alex,
Great site. Use it all the time. Is there a way where we can set our own general calculations for pessimistic, moderate and optimistic? We choose what numbers to use as as the default ...

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Profit Tracking in profile?
posted 10y by joseph
I use a little gnumeric spreadsheet to track how I am doing. It's pretty simple:
Stock || # shares || purchase price || date || sold price || date || return || cumulative return
Would there be a...

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Business Summary - please add earnings estimate
posted 10y by epatton
Would it be possible to have a link to an earnings estimate added to the business summary where the news, insider trading, events, etc are posted. A possible link is below.


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"MOS %" and "My IRT" in Watch Lists
posted 10y by benjamin104
Alex,First off, I LOVE your site! I am a true believer of Rule #1 Investing and my idol is Warren Buffett. Great power to the individual investor who wants to take control of their own money in the...

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buy/sell signal mark in chart
posted 10y by rockstar
another small thingy,
i´d like to see a buy/sell signal mark in the chart as it is visible in some analysis software.
kind regards

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updating MOS in watchlists
posted 10y by rockstar
hi alex,
your site is absolutely awesome, i use it very often. it´s so helpfull to get an fast overview if a company is great or lame. i´ve used all 5 possible watchlists with 30 compa...

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Stock versus its competitors
posted 10y by brian
Hi ALex,Would be very useful if there was a link that would enable us to directly compare a stock versus its competitors in the same industry group as well.Brian

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Local time and moving through technical analysis
posted 10y by assize
G'day. Very impressed with the design and features of your site. Three suggestions:
1. As an Aussie, I was wondering whether you could have the option of displaying the local time on the graphs as...

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posted 10y by deanna
Love love LOVE your website. Only suggestion/request I can come up with so far is an option to analyze a stock while in your list (e.g. you have the option to add to your list with one click but if...

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Moving Stocks Between Lists
posted 10y by hulljs
Hi Alex,
Unless this is already available and I missed it, it would be nice to be able to move stocks between lists instead of only add/delete options.
Example - I have a Pure Rule #1 list and a ...

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