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Market News
posted 8y by clete
On the right hand side of the home page, you have the "Market News" column. Above each headline there is a date and time, shlowing when the story was posted.
If you have the ability to d...

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New Forum Category
posted 8y by clete
I'm never sure which category my posts fit into best. I usually just pick one and go with it but it seems there should be one specifically designated for actual trades that people are actually in o...

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SUGGESTION: In Profile sections a Place to upload documents AND list favorite links
posted 8y by iloveangels
Hi Alex,
You had a great idea that you posted in the PotashCorp Investment Ideas section.
Our Profile section could have a place where we could upload documents... such as my PotashCorp MOS sprea...

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Payback Time!!
posted 8y by carlesmarx
Hi, Great website BTW! How about calculating the Payback time of a company? (based on Net income and total market capital, year on year, till you buy all of it. As explained in Phil Town Payback ti...

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Possible Additions to the Excel Reports
posted 9y by johnbannan
Hey Alex, the offline Market Analysis Report is terrific. I have a couple of suggestions for it if I may. Having a column that says Yes or No with regards to the stock currently being at or under...

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Inconsistencies Perhaps and Possible Typo'
posted 9y by beastofbodmin
The Raw Financial Data and Raw Quarterly Data pages have time advancing from left to right, whereas the Growth Rates page has time advancing from right to left. If it was up to me, I would sug...

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TTM column in Growth Rates.
posted 9y by beastofbodmin
Sorry. I'm at it again.
Simple enough request. I hope.
An extra column for the last 4 quarters' results. A "TTM year" if you will. These data are available in the "Raw Quarterly Da...

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Financial Score Tolerance In Pro Screener?
posted 9y by beastofbodmin
I don't know if this is a sensible idea. But here goes:
How about a tolerance for financial scores in Pro Screener?
According to S2O, DLB is trading below its MOS, but the Pro Screener doesn't pi...

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Volume Filter for Pro Screener?
posted 9y by beastofbodmin
I just did a scan for the whole of the German market for

Fin. Score: Good
Debt Ratio: Good
IRT: Good
Price: below MOS
Market Cond: Any
TI Alert: Any

14 stocks were returned. The first tw...

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Learn Stock Market Investing
posted 9y by bpromoter12
Investing in the stock market is an easy way to increase your wealth. However, this does not mean that there is no risk to consider. The stock market is a volatile market and if you wish to succeed...

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More Watchlists
posted 9y by traderandy
Great site stock2own !Maybe it´s possible to add more than 5 watchlists ? Cheers,Andreas

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Relative Strength Chart Added to Stock Technical Indicators.
posted 10y by beastofbodmin
Hi Alex,
Great addition to the site!
IMO a stock's performance relative to relevant indices is an important check on a stock's upward momentum.
Would you consider also making avallable the follo...

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