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How to Get put/call ratio for individual stocks ?
posted Aug 10 '11 by ron323
Does anyone know where I can get put/call ratio's for individual stocks ?

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How to find out when a company is going public
posted Jul 20 '11 by jasonchurch
Is there a website that announces what companies are about to go public?

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Phil Towne Rule #1, Payback time in Retirement
posted Jun 27 '11 by brycebreitenstein
Since I have had no response to my query, I stumbled over a probable answer in Stan Weinstein's "Secrets for profiting in Bull and Bear Markets". (I saw the recommendation for this book i...

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Stockpiling when retired?
posted Jun 18 '11 by brycebreitenstein
I am approaching retirement, what is the best strategy to maintain a minimum rate to return (15%/annum) of investment funds? Phil Town gives no guidance for this situation in either of his books f...

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10 year stock data for PE, BVPS, etc that MSN Money used to have.
posted Jun 10 '11 by brycebreitenstein
Does any one know of a free web site where the provides the 10 year stock data that MSN Money stopped providing ?

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yahoo finance
posted May 31 '11 by zorropolly
i can no longer find info.when i select a sector it doesntbring up the companys like it did before....can anyone help?

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Stock screener
posted May 15 '11 by owensra
Hey guys, does anyone know of an effective stock screener or website that allows you to quickly find rule # 1 companies. I would purchase the S2O on this website but I am a broke college student t...

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Sticker prices
posted May 11 '11 by owensra
Which of the 3 margin of safety prices on this website(moderate, optimistic, or pessimistic) do you think is more similar to the method that phil town uses(lowest of default or historical PE, lower...

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Hangseng Index Trading
posted Apr 29 '11 by goldfish2011
1.) Anyone could recommend the most suitable indicators for trading Hangseng Index?
2.) Any clue of which way the Hangseng will go in upcoming week? Will it be bearish or rebound?
Thanks a lot fo...

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Low Sticker Price
posted Apr 27 '11 by jdrizzo
Alex, why does it seem the given value prices seem relatively low, especially compared to other sites(such as
www.big5roi.com ). Also, you should come out with an app or something for iphones. I ...

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posted Apr 24 '11 by nevinbrandau
Hi ,
I'm confused,when I look at my watchlist and I look at the RSI column,any number higher than 50.00 gets a GOOD rating,while any number lower than 50.00 gets a BAD rating.
Based on my interpr...

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TI updated on lookup but day before on stock screener, why?
posted Apr 11 '11 by number
dont really get this... today's 11th of April, time 12:41. I look up IRBT for example, and I get a TI of almost sell at 12:23, so it's a real time TI. I don't understand why TI in Watch Lists and ...

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