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Margin accounts
posted Feb 04 '12 by darrell
Is anyone using a Margin account to make bigger trades? As of now, most of my trades have been successful. Basically the only times I've lost money is when I didn't use the "Rule". I've been mullin...

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posted Feb 04 '12 by tradingolives
Hi All,
What do you guys think about CPWM ?
any technical analysis feedback , would be greatly appreciated..

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Clete: Your Progression as a Trader
posted Jan 17 '12 by evan
Since I started learning about the stock market about a year-and-half ago, I have read reams of material on trading and investing. But I have to say, your posts on these boards contain som...

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Why does S2O MOS change daily?
posted Nov 28 '11 by bunchkel
I thought sticker price and MOS should be recalculated only when new finacials were released, so every quarter. I'm confused why the prices on this website change daily with the actual stock price...

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Apple Inc
posted Nov 18 '11 by abasrai
The technical indicator on Apple (AAPL) says to sell. I am not sure how can it be. It is at one of its lowest price in the last few months.If anything else it is a good time to buy. Infact stock pi...

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Stocks that Die When Fundamentals look Great
posted Oct 25 '11 by vanzweb
Can someone share with me insights on why FSLR and RIMM have great fundamentals but doesn't want to recover?
Apparently the MOS price is wrong, because it died long long before it ever reached the...

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Logarithmic vs. Linear charts: which is better for TA?
posted Sep 27 '11 by evan
This is something that's been bugging me alot lately.
I use ProphetCharts as my charting software, which defaults to logarithmic scaling. As a result, log charts are what I have been using for th...

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Clete: How to find the strongest industries...?
posted Sep 25 '11 by evan
I'm looking for anyone willing to give their suggestions here, but I've directed this question at Clete because of his proficiency at TA and because of his on-point advice in the past.
Clete, assu...

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Background color on industry screener
posted Sep 15 '11 by keith6789
When I went into "diversified communication" industry I notices that different stocks have different background colors. If the background color reflects the price movements of stocks in ...

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Some stocks not updating TI indicators on watch list
posted Sep 07 '11 by mmayrend
On my watch list, aapl and clf are still showing the last update time for the TI indicator/Recommended Action as September 2nd. Have I set something wrong somewhere. Other watch list stocks show ...

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Rule for change of background color
posted Aug 29 '11 by keith6789
I'm wondering what the rule is for when the background color changes from red to green shades. I understood that the color was based upon the amount of an industry's stokcs being up or down over t...

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number of years in formulas, calculating growth rates
posted Aug 18 '11 by googler
Hello,Okay, this is a *dumb* question!When I'm calculating growth rates, and I have data for each of the years from 2001 to 2010, how many years should I use in the Excel "=rate()" function.Obvious...

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