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slight bug
posted Feb 08 '08 by garryp
I have observed the following on IE, haven't tried other browsers.
enter a symbol to be added to a watchlist.
hit the add button
works as expected.
enter a symbol
hit enter
page refr...

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posted Feb 08 '08 by garryp
Is there a way to private message a forum poster through the forum (no public email addresses)?
Is there a facility to edit one's own post?

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pessimistic, moderate, optimistic
posted Feb 07 '08 by garryp
I was once chastised about not being pure R#1 because I suggested a screen instead of walking down the street and getting an 'eureka' idea of a company to investigate because I like their logo or t...

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future sticker price?
posted Feb 07 '08 by garryp
#1, this is a site with much promise. I was thinking of such a site, but I could never catch up!
However I do have some points to make.
Ok, I gotta chime in here. One of us does not understand R#...

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FTSE Version
posted Jan 30 '08 by needsailing
I love this site for helping to Calculate key indicators to the Rule 1 theory. Does anyone know something Similar for the UK Ftse.
Many Thanks

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roicommunity vs stock2own MOS
posted Jan 02 '08 by chris123
In my watchlist on stock2own for AEO it shows a MOS of 27.06 but on the excel spreadsheet I got from roicommunity it shows MOS of 12.26. From what I can tell s2o uses 10 years and the excel sheet ...

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Is foreward P/E same as Rule #1 P/E
posted Dec 27 '07 by jfreyler
What is your definition of "forward P/E". Phil Town uses the term "Rule #1 P/E" which he says is the lessor of Default P/E and Historical P/E.and he uses the lessor figure to c...

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Future PE Calculations
posted Dec 27 '07 by alex
Ben asks: For Future PE: shouldn't it be the lesser of Current PE and default PE? (Default PE is 10 yr EPS growth rate x 2).

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EPS Growth Rate Calculations
posted Dec 27 '07 by alex
I will start this discussion with the letter from Ben. But first let me make this statement: all stock2own.com calculations are nothing more than my understanding. If you have any suggestions or co...

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5 year numbers vs 10 yr.
posted Dec 10 '07 by desertfox
I am perplexed by the differences in 5 year vs 10 year mos and sticker prices. Logically, wouldn't one take the divide the 10 yr. numbers and divide them in half for the 5 yr. numbers? I read the...

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How do they know what Apple is worth?
posted Oct 22 '07 by angelars
Does anyone here know about the software market? We were trying to find out how the market determines what a software company (like Apple) is worth. I know it has something to do with the size of t...

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