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Nov 04 - WATCH LIST is here!
posted Nov 04 '07 by alex
I'm really exciting! Today I released Watch List functionality!

This is a big step for me and for stock2own.com. I feel like Watch List is the second most important piece right after BIG5 analy...

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New Sticker Price Calculation Algorithm
posted Oct 29 '07 by alex
So far, I did not have any complains...

But, I got one suggestion from F.Ibbini (THANK YOU!) - if Future EPS and Estimated Future PE are negative, future market price becomes positive... Take a...

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Oct 22 - New Sticker Price Calculation Algorithm
posted Oct 21 '07 by alex
New Sticker Price Calculation Algorithm has been released. Only one parameter calculated differently - Estimated EPS Growth Rate, everything else is the same. However, you can find that results are...

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Oct 05 release
posted Oct 06 '07 by alex
Just a quick comment about what is going on and why we need all these registration procedures.

Today we just made a first step toward "Watch List" functionality. I am actively working ...

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