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Interesting insights from the authour himself
posted Aug 10 '11 by newmansk

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Forum moderation
posted Jun 29 '11 by alex
I think stock2own became popular enough so people want to place their ads here. This is cool and sad at the same time. Until this day we had no special rules for forum posts and I do not want to ap...

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Biggest Stock Market Level In Years Still Holds
posted Jun 27 '11 by inthemoneystocks
The markets are hanging on to the side of the cliff. They are unwilling to break and that is saving investors from an ugly death spiral. Last week I discussed a major trend line that starts at the...

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Back in both Gold & Silver (and Natural Gas as well)
posted May 06 '11 by clete
Please go here...
The Grandich Letter
Read everything you can find from today and yesterday that has anything to do with gold and silver.
Peter Grandich is the best I've ever seen at calling the...

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Three tool analysis of Apple
posted May 05 '11 by harlowe
I am watching Apple and waiting to get back into this stock. I trade with Think or Swim and am looking at the Prophet charts. I have done all the due diligence. I am just waiting for the three t...

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Pre-market News April 5th 2011
posted Apr 05 '11 by inthemoneystocks
This morning the S&P 500 e-mini futures are declining lower by 5.00 to 1324.25 per contract. The advance in the futures from the March 17, 2011 low has been nothing short of extraordinary as the fu...

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S2O Videos
posted Apr 03 '11 by alex
We have published our first video in a series of "How to Use stock2own.com". It gives you an overview of the Stock Analyzer functionality and features.
This is our first video experience...

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Facebook IPO
posted Mar 25 '11 by duddy9874
Anyone have any speculation as to when Facebook will offer their IPO. Everything I read points to Spring of 2012 because they will breach the 500 share holder threshold and will have to report spec...

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Inflation is coming!
posted Feb 16 '11 by clete
I get these emails from Robert Kiyosaki from time to time and I thought this one was worth sharing with you guys....
from Conspiracy of the Rich.com
Is the Party Over?When I was in college, I oft...

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I'm Buying Gold!
posted Jan 29 '11 by clete
Not only did we have a terrific bounce off the 150 day moving average, exactly like we did the last time I told you guys to buy gold, but now there seems to be a good explanation for the somewhat s...

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Reommendation on free charting software
posted Jan 19 '11 by michealtan1982
Hi all,Recently I have attended ChartNexus Technical Analysis course. I find the course is very useful and equipped me with useful TA knowledge that I can apply in the market. There is free downloa...

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posted Jan 19 '11 by michealtan1982
hi,Currently I have some money in my bank and I wished to start investing in stock. I'm looking for some free charting software? Any good software to recommend?

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