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Happy Holidays!
posted Dec 24 '11 by alex
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Best wishes, blessing during this Christmas season and for next year!

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S2O Trading Diary
posted Dec 21 '11 by alex
We just started a paper trading account in Investopedia.com (user name is stock2own). The whole purpose of this is to exercise our trading philosophy, test investment ideas and gain some confidence...

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consumer spending will rise..:)
posted Nov 18 '11 by anikap
JP Morgan Chase, one of the country's biggest lending institutions, predicts that the economic forecast in the United States might not be as dire as it seems. The firm, one of the nation's largest ...

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Interesting Parallels
posted Oct 12 '11 by clete
I regularly read a blog called "Zero Hedge" and today they posted an article that I just had to share with all you guys. Please read it, its well worth your time....
Another Similar 2008...

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Please listen to this!
posted Sep 26 '11 by clete
That link is from Grandich.com and is an interview of Mr. Grandich.
Please don't put it off, listen to it right now and take a...

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New Blog Post by Phil Town - Sep. 22.2011
posted Sep 22 '11 by newmansk
Hey Guys,
Just thought I'd let you guys know that Phil just made a new blog post about DECK being a rule 1 company on his website.
Check it out here, I have also included the text below: philtown...

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Buffet, Bank Of America Close To Bust And Bernanke
posted Aug 25 '11 by inthemoneystocks
The markets continue to be in a wild phase. Just this morning, Warren Buffet took a $5 billion stake in Bank of America Corp (NYSE:BAC). This deal is a sweet deal for him but caution flags must go ...

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Interesting Blog Post from Phil Town about PE Ratio's
posted Aug 23 '11 by newmansk
Hey Guys,
Below is the link to an interesting blog post from Phil about evaluating PE Ratios and determining what is a good value even if it seems expensive. I found it kind of simplistic but info...

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Mike Swanson - European Regulators Contribute to Stock Market Woes
posted Aug 19 '11 by newmansk

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10% Off Does Not Mean "On Sale"
posted Aug 17 '11 by newmansk

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Phil Town Predicting Doom for the coming future
posted Aug 13 '11 by newmansk

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When and how to use stop loss orders
posted Aug 10 '11 by newmansk
This an interesting video on the do's and don'ts of stop loss orders. The video is about 18 min. long. He also talks a bot about Stan Weinstein towards the end of the video.

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