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Two new features have been released today:
posted May 12 '13 by alex
Two new features have been released today:

1. Market Calendar.
We added a list of all upcoming earning releases that stock2own aware of. It is filtered by stocks in your watch lists and you ca...

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Super sad....just can't learn to love the new redesign. Too many
posted Apr 30 '13 by bunchkel
Super sad....just can't learn to love the new redesign. Too many annoying things and too hard for a newbie to find the info i need easily. Moving on after 3 years here I guess, I just sold out of...

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Hi, some feature of the old S2O disgn have been more effective and
posted Apr 12 '13 by all4acent

some feature of the old S2O disgn have been more effective and I hope you will build in some of this features in the new version of this site.

One thing is even worst than others. Previo...

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New feature - My Settings
posted Apr 07 '13 by alex
New feature - My Settings
If you know what section of stock analyzer you view the most, you can set it in "My Settings" section and every time when you analyze a stock, this section will be open b...

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New Stock2Own.com!
posted Mar 31 '13 by alex
New Stock2Own.com!
We have been working on the new version of stock2own.com for quite a long time and finally it is ready! I hope you are going to like it - it is cleaner, smarter and mobile-frien...

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It's All About The Financials
posted Mar 13 '13 by inthemoneystocks
One of the most important stock sectors that any trader or investor can follow is the large financial stocks. The large bank stocks have led the major stock indexes over the past six years. In 2007...

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Calyx Bio-Ventures (CYX.V) Featured in Pinnacle Digest
posted Feb 19 '13 by smartstocks
Pinnacle Digest features Calyx - Our Big Bet of 2013: Calyx Bio-Ventures (CYX:TSXV) Stock is up 12% With great volume..keep watch for it to break resistance.Excerpt from the article: Our new client...

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Stornoway Diamond CEO Matt Manson Interviewed
posted Dec 19 '12 by smartstocks
CEO of Stornoway Diamonds Matt Manson sits down wth Tara Sweder for an exclusive one on one interview. Manson discusses the rarity of diamond mining, the significance of the Renard Diamond Project,...

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TNR Gold CEO Interview
posted Nov 14 '12 by smartstocks
TNR came came out with this interview of CEO Gary Schellenberg addressing the recently settled Lawsuit on the Los Azules Property with McEwen Mining. Anyone following this lawsuit? What are your th...

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Bullish video on DOM
posted Sep 14 '12 by tinalaw007
I was watching some trade videos on The Contrarian Trader blog and found some great videos. His analysis was really good and be being new I got a lot out of them. I watched his older videos and his...

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Phil Town says Risk On
posted Sep 06 '12 by goodsteward
A friend just alerted me that Phil Town is saying to get out of the market. I cannot find any comments on S2O. Am I missing something?

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posted Jun 18 '12 by alex
Sorry about the spam. I do not understand what is the reason of registering and posting a spam message using the registration name... Just does not make any sense. So, I guess, more complicated mat...

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