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Hi there
posted Aug 27 '08 by vkjxwb
Hi everyone,
I am a PhD student working on investment portfolio optimization. I am glad to join S2O website and looking forward to learn a great deal. Please send in your ideas for our discussion ...

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All I can say is ....
posted Aug 16 '08 by tzoom84
I just finished reading Phil's book a week ago. Once I finished, much like others, I was quite excited to try out his techniques because both mathematically and logically, they seem to mak...

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Hello and Question (MGM)
posted Aug 12 '08 by scollins1225
Hi everyone - new to the site.
Interested in new ideas and learning more about investing myself - just started reading Rule 1 (about half way through) .
Forgive me if this is covered in the book...

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posted Apr 14 '08 by clete
I've read and reread Phil's book and while I understand the basics, the numbers and abreviations just get jumbled up in my head to the point that I was getting more than a little frustrated with th...

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New to Rule #1
posted Mar 24 '08 by tocobern
I read phil towns book about a year ago but need to reread it to try and made sense of it.
This seems like a great site to start with, great tools and messages. I also hope to contribute.
One qu...

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posted Mar 09 '08 by redgab
Hello every one, my name is Gabriel and I am new to investing, I have read the book twice and the idea seems sound. I noticed some of the picks on here that other people have picked and some others...

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posted Feb 25 '08 by gorgeous
I found this site through a review of Phil Town's book on Amazon.com. What I've seen so far is wonderful and I hope to make good use of the tools here...and to make a few friends!
Happy stock inve...

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posted Feb 18 '08 by michaelax
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Hello From Tucson, AZ
posted Feb 16 '08 by azinvestor
I am so happy to be apart of this community, and hope to learn more about Rule # 1 Investing. I have read Phi's book and am very excited. Any advise would be very appriciated.

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Hello everybody from Germany!
posted Jan 16 '08 by pfeiffman
My name is Chris,
I am a lawyer living in Germany and having a great time at the NYSE.
I appreciate this site very much as it has become my starting point in analyzing stocks. anything that doesn...

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posted Jan 06 '08 by jmoney
This site rocks. I was doing all this same work by hand before. How do you all feel about the current state of the market? Is it a great time to buy for the long haul? I like AAPL, COH, DNA, WD...

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Hello there!
posted Dec 27 '07 by fsmontenegro
By the way of introductions...
My name is Fernando and I'm an IT consultant living in Canada. Personal finance & investing is my primary hobby/responsibility at home, and while I'm a believe...

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