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Hello Rule 1 Investers....
posted 10y by uhbrent
I am new to investing and new to Rule 1 investing. Ive read the book twice, taken many notes, and i set up a paper trading practice account online to begin practicing the techniques and hone my re...

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Great Site...learning !!
posted 10y by dsingh999
i was not into investing until i put good chunk of money in 2008 without due diligence and lost 36%, with that fear i stopped talking about stocks :-) until recently i read Rule # 1 and payback, an...

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Greetings From BoB
posted 10y by beastofbodmin
I am so happy to have found this site!
I read Phil Town's "Rule #1" last September. I also read "Payback Time" earlier this year. I bought the idea and the rationale behind it ...

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Hello all,
posted 10y by brian
I have been investing for over 10 years and did the Rule 1 course last year in Singapore as well as recently attending the Payback Time workshop seminar. Really find this site offers a lot of valu...

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What are your "Investing Rules"
posted 10y by genesisgkh
Hello all! I have a few rules I have written down over the years and I tend to read them on down days like today. I read them if I get too down about investing, or when I think Im the greatest in...

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Hello to all
posted 10y by doughbag
This is my first blog ever. This seems to be a great site.I'm learning from others and reading books as well. I been investing for a while and lost a lot during my earlier years of guessing. Now...

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posted 10y by genesisgkh
My name is Gary. I've been investing for 15 years now. I really enjoy running the numbers on potential investments to actually be able to determine a fair market value.
I've also gotten into the...

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Thanks and a suggestion
posted 10y by ascomarcas
I want to express my gratitude for the well prepared is your website that I find very interesting for small investors an easy and fast we can see the accounts of the company.

Likewise, it would ...

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Hello World
posted 11y by valuefreak
I am knowing this site and Phil Towns Rule #1 already for longer. I appreciate the recent changes on this site.

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posted 11y by simpick
Hi there. My name is Simon and I decided it's about time to put the rule into action and see what happens. I haven't got much to start with, but that's probably a good thing !Anyway, no doubt I wil...

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posted 11y by cthomas57
Hello. I listened to Rule 1 last year and read it in the last few weeks. I think I am ready to stick my tow in the water. Any I have been watching OXY, and today, the "BUY" signal appea...

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Are people still using this site?
posted 12y by martelm
I discovered this site last week. Is it still active? I don't see a lot of activity on the forum.

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