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Hello - extreme Newbie here :)
posted Aug 18 '11 by googler
Hi everyone... I'm really new to this... not even finished with the Rule1 book yet, but I already have Payback Time waiting for me!Can anyone tell me if I did this calculation of CRMT right?CRMT - ...

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New from Brisbane
posted Aug 13 '11 by fetzmat
Hi Guys,
what a great site! I live in Brisbane and I discovered value investing while seaching for a strategy to look after my bucks with less efford and less guessing.
So I sold the managed fund...

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Rule 1 Options Strategy
posted Aug 10 '11 by newmansk
Hey Guys,
Big fan of Rule #1 trading but not as much as trading options. Why not incorporate the 2. If there are any like minded Rule #1 option type investors out there please feel free to contact...

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Hello Fellow Traders
posted May 18 '11 by steelokie
My brother Clete told me about this site and I am very impressed. I have been trading for several years in stocks, futures, and options. Crashed and burned as a Day Trader because I could not fol...

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posted Apr 21 '11 by jdrizzo
AMAZING site, just stumbled upon it recently. How long have you been operating Alex, and how many users?Soon get a decent chunk of money I plan on investing the rule #1 way (35K, a lot for a colleg...

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Hello from Germany
posted Apr 16 '11 by traderandy
My name is Andreas.I`ve been investing and trading for some years,after some mistakes earlier Rule#1 was my turnaround.Stock2own is my favorite site,Great work Alex !!!Since I use s2o last years I ...

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Shiny Newbie
posted Feb 13 '11 by not2smarrt
Like a lot of others, I've read a few books and am wanting to get my feet wet. I looked up EZcorp - EZPW and found the numbers were positive. Seems like a pawn shop company with this outlook may be...

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Still New
posted Dec 22 '10 by ajmichael
Hello All. After I finished reading some start up books i really needed some professional help to ensure my calculations were being done correct etc. I came across this site and love it so much. ...

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Rule # 1 from Dublin Ireland
posted Oct 05 '10 by panitanfc
Wow, thisis a great site...now I can check and compare my notes and computation here. Thanks to Alex! Any people from Dublin here.

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24 years old, been investing for 3 months, just read Rule #1 and want to start implementing it
posted Sep 21 '10 by evan
Hey guys,
I'm so glad I found this site. Great idea and awesome resource! Is Phil affiliated with it in any way?
Regardless, I'm looking forward to digging my teeth into some real investing no...

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New to Site
posted Sep 10 '10 by stockgirlz
Hi Everyone. I just attended my first Payback seminar, and one of the attendees suggested this site. I am excited to see there is a tool available so I can research and test without the worry of ...

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Hello Rule 1 Investers....
posted Aug 23 '10 by uhbrent
I am new to investing and new to Rule 1 investing. Ive read the book twice, taken many notes, and i set up a paper trading practice account online to begin practicing the techniques and hone my re...

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