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Hi. I'm Patty. I am new to the market and investing. Found Phil Town
posted 7y by kyokushin
Hi. I'm Patty. I am new to the market and investing. Found Phil Town from an old show I found on hulu. Got rule #1 and I am ready for some paper trading while I save enough to invest. I am also stu...

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Hello everybody from Erick.
posted 7y by mtrdude
Hello everybody from Erick.
Recently have read both phil towns books and am very excited to start investing properly this go around. I've found a few wonderful companies but not even close to mos....

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Hello from Hunter Riley - Author of Stack Silver Get Gold
posted 8y by huntiii
Hello traders!My name is Hunter Riley III and I'm the author of the best selling Amazon.com book "Stack Silver Get Gold". If you ever have any questions about precious metals investing pl...

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Hello new to s2o
posted 8y by robmcallister
Hello my name is Rob. I am new to s2o, I have recently read rule one by Phil town and I am now looking to learn now to invest wisely. I could use some tips on how to find wonderful companies out ...

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posted 8y by eav
My name is Manos.
I have ten years of trading experience fighting with the seastorms of the markets.
I am evaluating the S2O system. Do we have any stock performance statistics?
I only care abou...

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Dogs of the Season investment strategy
posted 8y by frente
Hello, I'd like to introduce my investment strategy www.dogsoftheseason.com. It is probably the best investment strategy in the world - check out why. Tomo

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Hi from Wales
posted 8y by emlyn
I've been investing for a couple of years now and like many others I've made some bad investments, and by luck some good ones. I found Rule1 to be really useful in helping me select better stock an...

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Financial Instrument Provider.
posted 8y by bgsblc82
I'm on this forum to help investors who needs BG, SBLC MTN, CD, Non collateral loan, confirmable Bank Draft and other financial assistance from AAA rated bank (Prime Bank). The financial instrumen...

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posted 8y by kadius
Not sure how active this site is, but I'm all about getting multiple views to check my ideas and data and hope to find some like-minded investors/traders in here. I'm a big fan of Rule #1 and Payba...

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Rule #1 in the UK
posted 8y by johngg1969
Hi,I'm completely new to this....I've read Rule #1 a couple of times and it seems to make sense.I'm going to give it a go on paper first.The one thing I'm completely in the dark about though is the...

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Rule #1 investing rules!
posted 9y by darrell
Hello. My name is Darrell and I’ve been Rule #1 investing (and coming to this site) for a couple of years now. After the “experts” lost half of my retirement in 2008, I thought to myself “I could’v...

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New to investing, Rule#1 and already a huge fan of this site.
posted 9y by 72dolfan
Hi all. I am new to investing (outside of my 401k plan that is.) I have read Rule#1 and have started Payback Time. Phil's strategy fits perfectly with my style and tolerance for risk. I was never s...

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