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Chart alerts- WEINSTEIN and TOWNE technical followers should read
posted Dec 08 '10 by smpat04
I know a lot of people have recommended on this site freestockcharts.com, but I just got the paid version (gold). Holy poop. I can set conditions like stage 1/2/3/4 notices, tell it to notify me when my rule #1 stock is closing in on the 3 technical indications.. and if I get really frisky I may just look up historical data and run an analysis of 25 years of data to reassure myself that .25 points above the trigger line still means don't sell. It's virtually everything I want from EDGAR (although this site gives all the fundamental stuff) but it's not too expensive. Definitely worth checking out. And I can do a print screen function, so if you have any charts you want to see just let me know here and I'd be happy to e-mail 'em to ya!
In retrospect, this looked like an advertisement. w/e.

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