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BIDU - What's going on?
posted Jun 17 '10 by joseph
Anyone care to speculate? Yesterday it was up a couple percent, then tanked. Today dropping further. Lemming factor?

posted Jun 17 '10 by donabr00
[Lack of] volume doesn't support a Lemming Factor ... as I understand the definition of the "Lemming Factor" to mean 'blindly following the herd to one's destruction'. BIDU's avg daily volume is 15.5 Million ,,, and today's volume was 11.7 Million.
Looks like BIDU has been range bound between (roughly) 70 - 78 USD since early May while the bulls and bears battled this out. Further, ISP's (as well as China) stocks aren't too much in favor right now evidenced by Tech recently starting an uptrend and BIDU is not along for the ride.
Also ... note BIDU's Price / Sales ... an outrageous 36.08! Compare to GOOG at 6.41 or AAPL at 4.76 (Source for P/S's is yahoo finance).
Summarization ... BIDU is just not on institutional investors radar right now to push the stock higher and keep any momentum.

Baidu is cheating the customers in China
posted Jun 30 '11 by baidutuijian
Baidu launched new business: baidu keyword express, which operates on cell phone searching. But Baidu received the money from advertisers in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, etc, but the business can not be used at all. Baidu has stopped this business last year, but it does not notify the advertisers customers up to now. Now these victims of Baidu contact Baidu company, but they do not deal with and resolve these problem. The victims and customers in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai are complaining to Baidu. The Chinese government has warned Baidu's keyword search business before. So all investors, please be careful Baidu. Please also help the victims inquiry Baidu: when will Baidu solve the problem of Baidu express service for the victims? Thanks a lot!

3 Reasons I'm Buying Baidu Inc. (ADR) Stock
posted Feb 02 '17 by idolpuru
3 Reasons I'm Buying Baidu Inc. (ADR) Stock

1. It's still the 800-pound gorilla
2. Its slowdown is temporary
3. Growth potential in next-gen markets

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