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How to make trading safer?
posted Jan 29 '18 by adamsmiths
How to make trading safer?

There are lots of people in this market who want to know if they can make their money on their investment in Forex. This is an investment market and it is normal that you will want to make your profit. When there are many other people making lots of money, you will find that it is not easy when you will be making your profit. Most of the profits do not come in your account and you have to trade in Forex. When you are placing your trades, you have to place trades that will also keep your account safe. The more you are taking risks in Forex, the more money you will be losing. There are many tips that can help you to make your investment safer in this market. You have to keep in mind that you should not only run for the profit in this market. There are also many risks that you have to take into your mind before you are placing an impossible trade. Many traders make consistent money in their small account. They are not greedy and they follow discipline with their routines and trades. It is not the profit that they are making in the market but it is their risks that they are taking in markets which makes their trading good in Forex. When you become greedy, you will lose all of your money and there will be no way you can keep your money safe. This article will tell you the ways that you can follow to keep your money safer in Forex.

The profession of trading is extremely risky. You need to have complete control over your emotion to place high-quality trades. Some retail traders often say that this market is manipulated and making a consistent profit is nearly impossible. But the expert traders in the United Kingdom always says that this market has the profit potential for the right candidate. If you look at the expert traders at Saxo then you will be surprised to their high level of accuracy. It’s true that some retail traders often start trading with aggressive trading but this is one of the biggest mistakes they can do in their trading career.

Learn to save your investment
If you truly believe that trading is the right profession for you then you need to learn more about money management. If you start taking unnecessary risk in CFD trading ( https://www.home.saxo/en-gb/products/cfds ) then chances are very high that you will have to lose a big amount of money. Always try to minimize your risk every possible. You need to learn more about higher time frame analysis since it will save you from lots of false trading signals. Be more concern about your investment.

Work on your risks to reward ratios
The best way to save your money in Forex is by developing your risks to reward ratios. You will be placing more trades and you cannot expect that you will not be taking risks. The profit comes with the risks of losing money and if you want to minimize your risks, you have to develop your risks to reward ratios. This is the ratio that will tell you how much risk you can take in your markets. If you think you will risk 10 dollars for your 20 dollars of profit, this risk to reward ratios can tell you if it is right.

Not taking leverages
If you do not use leverage in your trading that is a plus point for you. Many people use leverage in their trading and they do not know how they are losing money. If you are taking the chance of making more profit, you are also taking the chance of losing all of your money. This leverage is not what you think in Forex and it makes your money riskier. You can follow these steps to make your trading safer in Forex.

The best way to make a trading process safer and profitable is to
posted Nov 20 '18 by jeff_stock
The best way to make a trading process safer and profitable is to choose a regulated broker. Such trading companies provide a higher level of security and support than unregulated ones. To find out more about the benefits of such forex broker you can here - https://www.digitaledge.org/regulated-broker-your-teammate-for-success/. I personally choose only licensed brokers, as they have passed the security checks from government authorities. CFD's broker https://www.tradefw.com/, for example, is regulated by CySECб the independent public supervisory authority responsible for the supervision of the investment services market and transactions in transferable securities carried out in the Republic of Cyprus. It means you can trade with this online broker and be sure it protects your capital.

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