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Missing Markets on S2O
posted 8y by all4acent
S2O is a greate site, but I miss the asian markets like Japan and Chine. Here are so my interesing and growing comanies. These stock markets are open, but I miss the analye features you offer for the american and european markets.

Re: Missing Markets on S2O
posted 8y by alex
stock2own used to have Japan in the list of countries. Probably a year ago. But the fundamental data coverage was very poor. It seems that many data providers can give you the numbers: msn, yahoo, google... But when we started to work with a larger number of stocks it became clear that quality of data is unexceptable. The same is true for some other markets, like Singapore...
Sorry, but as of this moment stock2own cannot support exchanges in Japan, China and Singapore. However, I can promise you, as soon as new version of stock2own is released, we will get back to extending data coverage for non-US markets.

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