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TI Alerts
posted 8y by bunchkel
Hi! Are there alerts that can be sent to your email when your stock goes into "Sell" according to the TI? I remember to check almost every day but i'm not always good about it. If there's a way to get an alert, please let me know.

Re: TI Alerts
posted 8y by clete
I don't know about whether Alex can set something like that up but, whether he can or not, your trading software almost certainly can.
If you use ThinkorSwim you can call the trade desk and they'll walk you through how to set up whatever alert you want and it'll send it to your email or your cell phone or whatever. And I have no doubt that all of the other online brokerages have to same capability.

Re: TI Alerts
posted 8y by alex
Currently stock2own does not send any TI Alerts by email. I know that quite a few people asked about this, but we have no plans to do it for now. Sorry :-(

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